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Last Update: February 09, 2014

Hello There, as we go through the steps that a super star uses on the way to closing the deal, i think it is important to talk about the importance of doing your homework on your clients. Always do your homework on your clients as you can be sure that your client is doing homework on you and your company. Without proper preparation, you are leaving yourself open to failure when this is left out.

Qualified Leads

Nowadays, especially in direct selling, many companies provide their salespeople with qualified leads obtained through various advertising and marketing companies. In this situation a great deal of homework can be done before you even meet the client. Apart from the obvious qualifications and information that the clients give the marketing departments, there are a number of tell tale signs you can search for and pick up on before your meeting.

Take The Time And Be Comprehensive

A superstar always does his or her homework before making a presentation. Even on a cold call don't just knock on any door, do some research and knock on the right door. Depending on what your product offers, this homework can be very comprehensive and time consuming, however it is work that must be done. Find out as much as you can about your clients. Find out about their lifestyle, family, interests, hobbies, wants needs, aspirations, likes, dislikes and anything else that is pertinent. Armed with this ammunition you are then able to locate the clients hot button, the thing that will allow you to turn them on.

Sales That Provide Testimonials And Referrals

When you move into your presentation the superstar (because he has done his homework) shows the client that he has a problem, an itch,a want, a need, a hurt and then offers the client a solution. This medicine will cure everything. When a superstar the homework effectively, the client is so relieved to be offered a solution that they don't need to be closed. They eagerly take your product without hesitation. These are the best sales, the ones that lie down and roll over for you. They will provide you with great testimonials and referrals.

What Are We Looking Out For In Our Homework ?

Names can tell us allot about our clients before we meet them such as Author, Harold, Wilbur or Alice, Edith, Lilian ect, the chances are with these type of old fashion names, they are getting on in years. ( I know that old-fashion names have over recent times become more fashionable again, but it is unlikely that today's youth are going to be potential clients for at least another 15-20-years) Surnames can reveal things about class and attitude. Double barrel surnames e.g. Foster-Jones might suggest that this person wants to be noticed and stand out from the crowd.Look carefully at marital status as a couple that is not married could have 2 incomes and no children.

What Address Do They Live At ?

An address can tell you a lot about your new client. A house name such as Rose Cottage ect shows they are houseproud and they like to flaunt it. If the house number is very high e.g. No 363 or No 1247 it could indicate that they live in a block of flats, a busy road or on a massive estate. This could indicate that they are honest and hard working types. They tend to be down to earth and not frightened to spent money. Also pay attention to telephone numbers. When the client leaves out the area code they are being snobbish and they want you to know they live in an affluent area. They are easy to sell too !

This is all straight forward stuff, yet the average salesperson doesn't see it and doesn't think to look. Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg and a superstar would gather much more information.

Doing your homework is a very necessary step on the journey and should you miss it out you will almost certainly fail. It is also, very often, a painful step, but as the saying goes: no pain no gain. Remember a superstar is aware - forewarned is forearmed.

Thank you once again for joining in. Of course please leave a comment below should you feel the need and take a look at the training cources offered on the site covering this step and all of the steps along the way to Close The Sale.

Onwards and Upwards


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Shazza63 Premium
very interesting stuff, not being into marketing at all, online or off, this is very useful, thanks
Shaquinho Premium
I think there is a lot we can apply to the affiliate marketing world. Knowing your potential customers/clients is vital.
Thanks for sharing:-)
reddogtours Premium
After 30 years in sales i also see a lot of parallels with affiliate marketing. Thanks for reading and commenting. Onwards and Upwards, Peter.