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February 17, 2014
February 12, 2014
Hello There, as we go through the steps that a super star uses on the way to closing the deal, i think it is important to talk about the importance of doing your homework on your clients. Always do your homework on your clients as you can be sure that your client is doing homework on you and your company. Without proper preparation, you are leaving yourself open to failure when this is left out.Qualified Leads Nowadays, especially in direct selling, many companies provide their salespeop
February 04, 2014
Hey There and welcome to my two week report. Yes that's right it is now 2 weeks since i started on this journey to success with WA. Wow what a 2 weeks it has been. What with all the reading and training video's, the ever present urge to move forward at a rate of knots way beyond the learning capacity over anyone and that little guy in the back of my head who keeps on reminding me that you could be making a mistake. Not possible i tell him, what with Kyle and Carson in my corner and all the e
January 26, 2014
Hi Everyone, well that is the first week of my time here at WA in the books and what a week it has been. Having been looking for something to get my teeth into, i am so happy to have found the program here at WA. I was showing my wife my new website last night and at first she thought i was joking that i had created the site. Not that i am a dunce or anything like that, it is just that creating a website is far from my skill set, that not only my wife is surprised. I have previously paid big
January 24, 2014
Hi There, I have just signed up for premium membership here at WA after taking 2 days to go through the start up membership. As you all know the process that brought me here i am sure you have an understanding of how i am feeling whilst i type this blog ! You see i find most things in life exciting. Part of that excitement is the knowledge of knowing that someone has already been where i am right now and found out either one of two things. What can go right and what go wrong. That is what exci