No Turning Back Now!

Last Update: September 09, 2015

It's been a little more than a month since I joined WA. I did not have a clue about website development or know anything about content creation. In fact the thought of such things inspired dread and lack of confidence that I could succeed in something so new and unfamiliar. But I was determined to learn something new and develop an online presence. I'm ecstatic I followed through.

A month ago tags were just labels attached to clothing, low hanging fruit was what you would find in my garden, don't get me started with terms like "long tail" and "organic". Now I have an entirely new lexicon to go with my new and ever improving knowledge. I am on my way to completing my first website and I have already created a healthy collection of content.

I usually am a quick learner but even I am surprised by what I have learned and achieved so far.I am always trying to find the spare time to log onto WA and continue with my learning and website creation. I'm motivated, inspired and eager to learn learn learn! Can't wait to finish my training and start churning out quality websites. There is very little that can compare with the satisfaction of creating something from nothing all by yourself (well with the direction and help of WA off course).

But most of all I am glad that I have found a community of like minded people, so easy to engage with, ever eager to assist, and truly inspiring. I am going to be here for a long time to come so see you guys around.


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KatieMac Premium
There is certainly much to keep us busy in the learning department, and I agree this is a great community, keep up the good work
matteone Premium
You really inspired me Leslie, keep going!
Ermelinda Premium
I know isn't it amazing that you try to steal time just to go on your site. It's the best place to be. WA is the best the people super amazing.
cblackston Premium
Feel the same, have to keep telling steps Chris, baby steps! :)
ECollins Premium
Red devil,
I feel exactly the same. I have the majority of my content in place. Till have 25 % to go. I keep pushing on like you. I have to find my pice so that's what's hold me up on finishing pages. If you don't mind taking a look at my site keeping in mind it's not proofread or near a final product, I would appreciate it. Thx, Earl
reddevil1229 Premium
Hey Earl. Thanks for checking out my blog. If you need comments on your website I will gladly assist. Send me the link anytime you ready.

ECollins Premium
Hi Les,
My mind must be elsewhere. Here's my website.

Thx for taking a look at it and making any comments. Earl