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Greetings Fellow Marketers!

My name is Eric, I'm an Online Marketer Full-Time Since 2014!!!

Finally dissolved my offline Janitorial Business to do what I really enjoy, Online Marketing!

I began my online training right here on this very platform at WA back in 2011 and never looked back!

I started out building niche sites in the RC airplanes,golf tips,survival preparedness and believe it or not, yeast infection (lol) niche. It was fun to say the least. Now my passion is Education in Online Business and Direct Sales Marketing.

I have learned so much from WA and the community of like minded IM'ers here. There is nothing else I would rather do than what I'm doing right now. If you are new to internet marketing then take your time...Stay focused and work hard on your business. It's FUN and it get's easier over time!

To your success,
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Pilly Premium
Thanks Eric and happy to meet you. WA is lots fun too.
rechest1 Premium
Well said 1little Owl, thank you for your kind words and your following
Good 4 U : )
The secret key 2 true success comes from doing all that brings u joy---It will not only bring u extra $ but will give u good health cause u'll have far greater peace/contentment than working in a stressed out environment! We r not here ( on Earth) 2 make tons of money but 2 experience the things that will help lift our Spirits & teach our souls 2 FLY, reaching 4 our highest potentials! No 1 can do this 4 us we have 2 become courageous enough 2 reach 4 the best within our selves then do what we can 2 share it with the rest of the world ; )
Many Blessings 2 U & U'rs,
Michelle LittleOwl
ECAffiliates Premium
Hi Eric, Online is inspiring to many. Lots work around other means of revenue. I think taking our time and enjoy what we do, will lead to finding our successes. Best Wishes!
TJ Books Premium
Saw your comment so came over to see youl John