New record - $27 From Adsense In 1 Day!

Last Update: April 12, 2020

Hello my wonderful WA family.

This will be a very short post because I just wanted share that over the weekend, I actually made $27 from Google Adsense in a single DAY! That's the highest that it has been in a day over the 2 years that I have been with WA.

To some, $27 might be nothing but think about when that becomes an everyday thing. Can you imagine the potential of JUST Google Adsense?

It takes time to see your money grow with Adsense but in my opinion, it sure is worth it! It adds up at the end of the month. Last month, I made almost $100 passively by simply having Adsense on my website.

The truth is that there are so many people who debate whether or not to get involved with Adsense or other similar companies because it might affect their referrals, their sales and so on. But truth be told, it hasn't affected mine too much.

I have been with Adsense for quite a while now and I can tell you that despite having the distractions of the Ads on my website, that I've still been getting sign ups and still been making sales. YOU have to make sure to keep your readers focused on your article as much as possible.

You can try your best but then again, you can't push everybody to click on your affiliate link to buy, right?

That's when Adsense can come in really handy, because you're monetizing the traffic that wouldn't have bought from you or your affiliate link anyway.

Think about it: you work hard to get traffic, so why not be able to monetize both with affiliate marketing and with Ads on your website?

I just want to say that if it wasn't for WA showing me how to really get free traffic around the clock, that this wouldn't have been possible. I'm so thankful to WA, to Kyle and Carson, and to the wonderful WA family here.

Anyways, I did say that this was going to be a short post. So I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for reading my dears!

Lots of Love,


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Trodvies Premium
Congrats, Reyhana, on your earnings!

I've always appreciated having AdSense on my niche site. It was the first means of monetizing I learned and also earned from.

When you are down and feel that things aren't working in all other areas, that's when AdSense puts a smile on your face, even if it's just a few dollars - or cents.

There are two times of the year I actually earn from AdSense. The first is just around the corner, and I can't wait to get paid.

You rightly said it: why not monetize the traffic you've worked hard to achieve? After all, there's always the browser back button when one decides to sign up for your affiliate offer, after having clicked on an ad.
roamy Premium
Well done and I totally agree, why not monetize the traffic that would maybe not have bought anything?
I have Adsense on one of my sites, on good months when I`m active on social media, I`ve brought in $400 with Adsense alone. But I have to be honest, to bring in that amount from Adsense, I also promoted quite alot= more sales, more site visits, and more Adsense income.
then there was a time I removed Adsense for about 5 months to check things out, there really was no difference in sales.the only difference was that the income from Adsense was missing.
janetng Premium
Congratulation Reyhana! Well done! I actually have opt out the Google Adsense because I don't like unrelated ad in my website and I also don't like my website fill with too many advertisements as I already have many of my own affiliate link ads in my website.

Maybe I should give Google Adsense a try first. Mind I know it took you how long to start seeing income after put up the google adsense on your website?
preciousns Premium
Congrats Reyhana, glad to see you're getting great results with adsense so far.

I spent ages debating whether to have ads on my blog, then last month, after seeing how much my traffic was growing, I decided to give it a go.

So far I made £34 last month and almost £20 this month and we're only half way. So its passive income that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

And I'm also still getting sales and sign ups. So it's worth it in my opinion.

Wishing you more successes :)
Devara Premium
I can't seem to figure out how to get Google AdSense to work on my website anymore.
I used to have it but canceled it for a while and now I can't seem to get it back.
That's great news for you and your success can you give me any advice on how I might get Google AdSense to work against I'm not take?
Thanks for sharing! I had no idea Google AdSense that add up that much.