Made My First Dollars While on Vacation

Last Update: October 14, 2018

Hello Everybody...

You must be wondering why I have not been as active on WA as I was a week ago, but that's because I am vacationing in the city of love, Paris!

Yes! I'm in France with my husband!

This was a last minute decision and as such, did not have the time to prepare myself in advance (in terms of my writing schedule). Sadly, I have not been able to work on my website for the last week, except for one day, where I was able to publish a post.

I had the intention of working on my website almost everyday, but that did not happen; too busy with enjoying the nice weather we've had here and visiting!

I know this is kind of a late report because I made my first dollars a few days ago. But I didn't have the time to report in until now.

I made $47 ($44.96 after Paypal fees) my first time!

That's an incredible commission for me! I read that people usually make a few dollars at best their first time, but for me, it's awesome that I was able to make this amount.

This just goes to show that Wealthy Affiliate simply works! I have been here for 10 months and took things really slowly at first, but I wrote diligently the last 2 weeks before leaving on vacation and I made money while I was away! I only worked for one day while on vacation!

This is simply incredible!

Guys, don't give up! People usually give up within 3 - 6 months, but if you're able to get past that and write every single day, wornderful things will happen! Like it happened to me!

The feeling of finally making your first commission is too awesome to describe. The only thing that I can say is to keep going, keep pushing, keep writing and don't give up! I wanted so many times to give up, as my previous posts will tell you, and if I had, then I would not have started online!

This is definitely the start of something big!

I really wanted to report my first earnings, to show that this business is possible! So what, if it takes 2 months? So what, if it takes 2 years?

With this business model, you will get there eventually! That's all that matters!

Thanks for reading and I hope that my income report has helped to lift your spirit and has given you some renewed energy to keep working at it!

"Working for somebody else only helps build their dream...

But working for yourself will help you build your own...."


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JWhite5 Premium
Congratulations on your sale! Reyanna!
RDulloo Premium
Thank you John!
neilrc Premium
Many congrats on your first earnings, Reyhana! :) Magnifiquecent! Lol
RDulloo Premium
Thanks Neil! It was such a great feeling to finally be able to make my first organic sale. It just proves that if one sale is possible, then 10 is possible too!

In the future, if I can make only 10 sales per day at $47 each, then that's $470 a day, which would be EXCELLENT income... :)
MSinn Premium
Congratulations, I wish you continued success.
RDulloo Premium
Thanks, Mary! And same to you...
CandP Premium
Paris! The city of light! Colette's mother was from there. Hope you are both having a wonderful and romantic time. It is a gorgeous place.
Toutes nos félicitations! $$$
Colette and Philip
RDulloo Premium
Had a wonderful time! I'm back now and will be resuming working on the website tomorrow...

Merci beaucoup! :)
Tumzkui Premium
Wao so happy for you my sister. How this gives me hope for tomorrow keep up the good job.
RDulloo Premium
Thanks, Fidelis. :) I'm back now and will be back to posting as of tomorrow. Hopefully I can produce better results..