I was lucky enough to put in 8 hours today!

Last Update: September 11, 2015

Wow, what a ride! This is the first time since joining in May that I really focused on my training with WA. I recently chose to go through the Bootcamp training and use this as my niche. I found that I have the most passion in helping people find their freedom by earning their own income and creating the lives they always dreamed of. I focus this around Mother's who have young children and simply do not want to go back to work the conventional way.

Today my amazing hubby took both kids and gave me the entire day to work. I got as far as lesson 8. I am feeling really inspired! I cannot wait to report my progress after one more month. Best wishes to all!

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ricardo1 Premium
Rachel, when you have God in your life, you don't need any luck. Your husband sees what lays ahead for the family and he took action. All of this will shoe up in the journey in which you seek. Take a look at my training on "It's A Progression". Give me your feedback and comments. This is a great post.
NicheME Premium
GJ. Keep up the great work. you will get there.