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Last Update: June 09, 2020

You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.

Well, one reason is because of where I am in the Wealthy Affiliate training modules. Kyle suggested that I let you know what I am up to at present.

I just created a new online course, called, 6-Figure Writing.

How it Started

Let me tell you a quick story about the time I almost got in over my head. I was working for a major Christian textbook publishing company. On Friday, the president and vice president met with me, and in answer to one of their questions, I said something about writing. The following Monday, I was in a room with seven other writers and editors. The manager came in and handed me note pad. He said, "Every day, you have to turn in a report." Fair enough. Then, he walked out, and, without turning around, he said, "Oh, and you have to write 700 words every day!"

At the time I was trying to figure out how to make this writing thing work and maybe be able to use that skill to help me in the future.

I was struggling with the requirement to write 700 words every day.

And I was getting more and more frustrated because this seemed much harder than I expected.

Turn for the Worse

Then something really bad happened: I spent all day trying to write something, and I didn't have one word on a page.

Which meant I couldn't provide for my family if I didn't get over this setback.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of being a writer and learning how to use the Internet to make a comfortable living.

The Discovery

Then I discovered a simple writing technique.

At that point, everything changed!

I finally figured out how to:

  • Get those daily goals done
  • Later, get the rough drafts of writing projects and even full-length books done quickly and easily
  • Use modern publishing options to get my books out to the world
  • Turn my books into multiple streams of income

The Transformation

Because I discovered that simple writing technique, and because I discovered the online techniques presented by Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to:

  • Live my dream of working from home with a legitimate business
  • Make a huge difference in people's lives in many different areas
  • Use my passion for being an author and selling my books to have a huge impact on the world

Now I'm living my dream of being a writer and learning how to use the Internet to make a comfortable living and I never have to worry about trying to figure out how to write ever again.

And that's why I'm so passionate about sharing "6-Figure Writing" techniques, as well as Wealthy Affiliate techniques, with others, so they can experience being a writer and learning how to use the Internet to make a comfortable living too!

WA community, so many of you are much farther along on this journey of success than I am, but I just wanted to share the latest. To learn a little more about what I am up to, head on over to RandyCarney.com.

Thanks, wishing us all the best,


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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing this, Randy!

Ekufaa Premium
You have such detailed and inspiring blog Randy. I particularly enjoyed the parts about tips on marriage. Very inspiring! Well done :)
rcarney6 Premium Plus
Thank you Ekufaa. I am following you, and hoping great things for both of us.