New video on first page of youtube and Google

Last Update: Feb 1, 2016


It's great when you finally learn how to do something the right way and it continues to pay off. This is a second video I've done that shows up on page one of Google and youtube. Now I think I need to do something to make them more interesting with music or something. LOL

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Nice job Rawl. I watched your video and subscribed.
Very good, I would like it if you added links to reference studies. Or talk about the studies and findings. That's the stuff I can sink my teeth into.
I believe 8 minute videos get more hits than 25 to 60 minute videos.
Thank You Rawl.

Thanks for the input. I like it. I will do that. I think it would help with credibility.

Nice clip, congrats to you Rawl. " A brige still to far" for me at the moment. Welldone.

Thank you. You'll get there. It's only time. Understand that I've been scared of technology for years so it takes me time to work up to things. I force myself because of the long term benefits and because I don't like the alternatives. LOL


Thank you.

Well done Rawl.Thank you for sharing.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Great job Rawl

Thank you. You look a little like an old friend of mine.

Way to go!. You are doing Great!

Thank you.

Fantastic. Well done. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Yes I do. I have another website I work on with other WA members. I wrote a post that I was going to add a video to of me demonstrating cleaning tips in the kitchen but I broke my Sony CAM. I was so frustrated.

wow that is awesome and all the best Max

Thank you.

Ok I gotta get to sleep, but you've piqued my interest. Gonna check it out tomorrow. Geoff


That's really good. I'm a believer. Liked, and subscribed. Thanks Rawl.

That's fantastic, keep it coming!

Thank you.

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