Empress For The Day?

Last Update: Mar 21, 2016


Hello WA family. I'm excited because today I'm ranked #26. I'm not sure if this is correct. The last time I was ranked this high there was a glitch in the system. So if there is then alright I get to be Empress For The Day! I'm excited! Yay me! If it's not a glitch in the system then yay me!

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Congratulations, Rawl. More power to you.

Thank you. It was fun while it lasted. LOL

Thank you. it was fun while it lasted.

Yay for now!

Yes, yay for now.

Congratulations Rawl

I didn't do anything. It was a glitch in the system like once before. But last time I was number 30 something.

Wonderful!! I take all the good that's coming my way so keep on keeping on.

Then I"ll take it and keep on keeping on. LOL

I've just been ranked at 3 lol and know it's not correct as Kyle and Carson aren't there, but hey, we can dream!

dang! don't tell me that...my rank is at 70! I've been trying to break 100!

Well then we're both Empress's for the day. It's a good feeling even if only momentary.

Congratulations. It does take some work.

Yes it does take work but I think there's a problem with the system. However, I'll take it for the day. :-)

im sure you deserve it well done

Yes if I earned it. I don't think I did. But it's nice to wear a crown for a day.

congratulations and enjoy your success all the best Max

Thank you.

yay, you!!!

It's a mistake. It must be but it's fun for the short term.

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