Surprise Strike - Please Don't Come For Your Eye Test.

Last Update: Jul 12, 2021

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So, this morning I woke up to a very nice blog about listening to your mind. My Gucci! Never write about stuff and don't expect it to happen to you. Well. My mind came alive and I listened.

My blog was done and posted. I woke my son up and prepared for the 30-minute drive to the Mall of The South to get our eyes tested.

I thought we could leave thirty minutes early in case there's traffic or something. We have never been to this mall and I had no GPS - Times are hard there is hardly ever any money for anything. No Data, No wifi. Fortunately, I had downloaded the map the previous morning, but it would not work.

On our way out, I check my phone and notice that the optometrists' office called while I was in the shower. No, stress, I call them, and they said it was just to confirm I was coming. Everything is "Hunky Dorry"!. So we left.

Just keep driving!

Round One.

I know my maps so I took a glimpse at the map and started driving. Ten minutes into the drive we get a call from the optometrists' office.

Ofice: Hello Sir, We tried to call you in the morning.

Me: Yes, that is the reason I called you back this morning.

Office: Yes, Sir we wanted to know if you could come in tomorrow.

Me: Why is that, I am already on my way. I called this morning and one of your consultants said you were confirming my appointment.

Office: We are afraid for your life, there is a strike.

Me: Ok. Just cancel everything, and forget about me.

Office: Sorry Sir, Just come we will wait for you.

Me: Are you silly? Do you think I am stupid? You just said you were afraid for my life there is a strike. Why would you then say I must come there?

As I was turning the car around towards home, and I dropped the call.

Round Two.

I could see the disappointment on My son's face. I apologized to him and drove to the mall closer to home, only two minutes from our house. The reason I decided to the Mall of the South, so far for the test is. If you recall, I wanted to get an appointment as soon as possible. Our branch in our mall (Eastgate Mall) was closed for renovations.

I recalled that we could call them to book a test date. We had booked a week ago but because the renovations went over time we had to make new appointments, I was anxious and booked the mall of the south.

As I was deciding on this, I recalled again, how my mind spoke to me and I ignored it. When I was making the second appointment with this branch so far away.

My Mind: Why are you going to this mall so far. It will cost petrol and time, and there are so many other branches close that you can go to. Why are you in a hurry?

Me: I have the Mall of the South on the phone, just book with them. You can drive there and be back within an hour.

I should have listened to my mind. So I decided to start at that moment listen.

My Mind: Go directly to East gate mall and book the appointment physically.

Me: Ok!

we drove to our mall.

The Strike comes to life.

As we drove on the M1 we met with the JMPD (Johannesburg Metro Police) Roadblock and detour. Oops, there is a strike after all, What strike is this? I thought to myself.

I tried to find a radio station that was not playing music, maybe there is something about the strike. All the stations were playing funky groves. No GPS and now lost in the Detour, in the industrial section of the City by City deep, along the railway line.

My son is laughing, Dady are we lost. Yes, we are. All of a sudden we are ducking bricks and tires laid on the roads.

We are now in the middle of the strike. Where to go?

My Son: Dad, do remember when we got lost when we drove back from Grandmom's house?

Me: There is no way I would get lost coming from my hood. I know all the roads that come from there.

My Son: We did get lost and we could not find our way.

I attempted to recall this, nothing came to mind.

Me: Did we now?

My Son: Yes, it took us so long to find our way and we had such a great time together. That was one of the best moments of my life with you.

That was the most loving and heart weakening thing I could have heard at that moment. I love my children and I will always do anything for them.

Round Three - Back on Track.

I found my way and to our mall and the Optometrist was close. We tried the next Optometrist and they could not help. Apparently, our Insurance deals with this franchise exclusively. The friendly office help gave us two options of branches we were looking for.

As I drove out I said to my son lets just drive back home and he kept quiet.

My Mind: Go to Green Stone Mall and you will be able to get an appointment for today all this will be done.

Me: Yes let's do that!

We drove to Green Stone Mall and searched for the branch, found the branch took the test, and only have to pay R2000 over and above what the insurance pays for.

What a day.

The is no need to be anxious about costs I can not afford, but we press on. We shall see. Oh. I am so sorry I got carried away. Lost the plot. That's all I have for today.

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Recent Comments


Wow, so very interesting that your day was so full of unknown twists and turns. It is cool that your child was with you helping to make the situation feel special even though it was unsafe and very stressful. I hope for you that your days ahead are filled with peace and happiness.


Thank you, Erlene.

We appreciate your, blessing.


I'm glad you returned home safely.

Ye, we Did Clayton.


Wow. A very eventful day. Happy you were able to accomplish your task and you and your child are safe.

Have a blessed night.

Candy Benn

Thank you, Candy Benn.


Spending time with our children is so precious than anything else. Great post Ntlhane, thank you for sharing

You are welcome Praxides,


I hope everything worked out if I read this post correctly, Ntlhane!


We are fine Jeff, I am sorry I went on a roundabout for this one. A great day to remember though.


Nothing wrong with that, Ntlhane! I hope you are having an excellent day today, my friend!


Thank you, Jeff. I am having a great one.


You're very welcome, Ntlhane, and I am glad to hear that!


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