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Last Update: November 21, 2015

I'm glad we have the WA community! It really is a treasure chest of learning and knowledge, all geared towards building your online business. People have truly been very helpful, and I cannot be more grateful to WA friends.

Since I have been trying to build my site again after a bit of hiatus, I have also been writing more posts and requesting for comments and feedback. As it is a pay-it-forward community, I try my very best to give quality comments and feedback whenever I can. I really wrack my brains on how I can help even if I'm just starting.

I am so thankful for all the quality comments I have received in return because it truly helps me figure out the next steps I need to take. It also helps me to learn, so feedback is always good. Whatever it is, I think it is good since people aim to help.

However, I think its just sad to have experienced generic comments on your site. It was almost the same for two posts, with only one sentence different (if I'm not mistaken). And I thought I would never do this, but I had to disapprove a comment since it did not hit on the point I was trying to make in the article (was even the opposite) and came across quite rude and offensive.

Just wanted to share this to increase awareness. My intent will always be to help since so many have helped me as well.

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ismelin Premium
Great to read your article in your website. As a mother I strongly believe in breastfeeding benefits too. I've recently started building my site again after a long break and I only started commenting recently while going through Course 2 in WA. And yes, it can be quite disappointing to get generic comments that don't help when you put in the time to do it for them/others in the community.

Don't be discouraged, I'm sure not all of them are like that and you can't please everyone. Look on the bright side and do what you love.
RaquelT Premium
Thanks Ismelin. We're pretty much in the same boat. Had a pause too and now I'm still building my site and almost done with Course 2. I appreciate your comments and will keep on doing what I love. I really love doing this. All the best! :-)
RaquelT Premium
True. Its sadly WA members, at least from my experience.. I hope we can all give good comments since we would appreciate that back. Then we're really helping. We can choose to comment on sites are right up our alley.
Loes Premium
Can not be repeated enough, this seems like a difficult task to give a good comment.
mijareze Premium
This really is a recurring theme!
JasonGB Premium
sadly this seems to be somewhat a recurring theme...however always check to see that they are members comments and not the typical rubbish received by bots from facebook or yahoo or other random sites ...they will spin all sorts of generic comments and often are almost identical