I cannot be the only one.

Last Update: May 12, 2019

As part of the training, I have to make a blog post here on WA, so this is it.

The headline could also have been "Things are not going as planned - what can be done?" as things are not going as I had expected. I am a real pro in taking too many tasks/challenges on at once and this year isn't any different. When that happens, a lot of stuff are only getting half done and not a lot are being completed.

When I signed up as a premium member in December, I was certain that this training would be completed in max 3 month but here I am, month five, and only 70% through.

Apart from working on my WA website/blog, I am running my own service business where I need a continious flow of new clients in order to bring food on the table and bringing in new clients takes time, effort, and money. However, as this business is a "swap time for money" gig I must also focus on alternative income streams to secure my retirement, so every now and then, I find it very difficult to juggle among all the different activities at once.

And, to make things even more stressful, I am also developing my own products which I seek to license to companies in return for royalties from the sale.

I know, it's a lot at once huh?

All this means that I don't post to my website/blog as often as I would like, and thus I have close to no traffic and not much grow.

Am I the only one who feel that life can be challenging at once?

Thanks for listening...


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LauraFuller Premium
You are being too hard on yourself.

As l read my thoughts were

1. If you posts once a week the site will be in good shape when you are ready to sell your new product.

2. You are setting your goals for failure. You have to live as well.

3. To build a lucrative long term business slow is better than not at all.

Just keep keeping on. I know you got this.

rannes Premium
Thanks, Laura.
Yeah, you're most likely right. I am hard on myself.

I would love to post once a week but so far it has been twice a month at most. Leaves me a bit of room for improvement.

On top of everything I sometimes doubt that the niche I picked is a good one and then again, on other days, I feel confident I'll succeed.

Oh well.
LauraFuller Premium
We all have th se doubts. You are like all of us.

ShihTzuSteve Premium
Just keep on posting when you can and the traffic will eventually come as your niche authority increases and your rankings move up.
rannes Premium
Thanks, Steve.