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June 02, 2019
When you create a new blog post here on WA, the big empty field where I am writing this populated with a "help text" saying something like "So, what is on your mind".Thank you for "asking" because here it is.First off, creating content and striving to get good google ranking is great but all this good stuff really doesn't matter when your website is DOWN.At this very moment my website is down again and the thing is, I don't know why, and down since when, and for how long......
As part of the training, I have to make a blog post here on WA, so this is it.The headline could also have been "Things are not going as planned - what can be done?" as things are not going as I had expected. I am a real pro in taking too many tasks/challenges on at once and this year isn't any different. When that happens, a lot of stuff are only getting half done and not a lot are being completed. When I signed up as a premium member in December, I was certain that this training would be comp
January 12, 2019
In the rat race but still a rat.When I signed up with WA and became a Premium member right out of the gate, I decided that if I should do this, I should "do it right."Do it right to me means do what successful WA's are doing but still, to quote Mr. Jim Rohn, "make sure that what you do is a product of your own conclusions". If you don't know about Jim Rohn, check him out. Read his books. Listen to his "tapes." He is the granddad I never had, and he can remove all dark clouds from my mind, make
December 25, 2018
When you get older you learn not to sit around passing time not getting results. Time is precious so working at half speed isn't my thing.I came across WA yesterday, signed up right away and today I went all in and secured the Yearly Premium package. I am beyound excited to do this and I hope I will pick up some likeminded friends alomg the way."In order to be successful you must take massive action" - Tony Robbins.