What do you see?

Last Update: January 14, 2020

Without vision, people perish!

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." ~ Helen Keller

What an inspiring Helen Keller quote, if you are struggling with motivation. It was also William Carey, missionary to India, who said that you cannot accomplish great things unless you attempt great things. The above mentioned individuals were both visionaries. We cannot control or determine where we come from, but we can surely determine where we are heading.

1. What is your vision?

This is a crucial question to ask in order to determine the outcome of your life and destiny. Everyone sees! The question is just what? You can focus on the negative and allow it to dominate your vision, or you can focus on the positives, the potential and possibilities and allow that to set your path in life.

Allow yourself to dream big. Try to see beyond your limitations and fears. There are plenty of hinderances to obscure your vision. You will only be able to navigate past and beyond these stumbling blocks, if you have the ability to see beyond them. There is another saying that goes like this, "If you aim at nothing, you will always hit it." Before you do anything, you must see something first. You need to be able to see yourself accomplishing something in the future.

2. Don't just see, but do!

The Helen Keller quote is significant, for it lays the cornerstone for success. She was able to project vision, but she also knew how she was going to accomplish this. With an attitude of excellence she was going to take on this noble task by doing the smalltasks with the same attitude everyday. The big is the result of our daily toil and attitude. Being faithful and valuing the small and apparent insignificant daily tasks.

We have to survive and endure the daily drudgery and overcome ourselves. Remain focussed and maintain the same constant attitude. So whether it be researching keywords, writing content or just reviewing training, do it with all your might and wih an excellent spirit.

3. Why is vision so important?

In a way vision safegaurds us from so much vanity in life.

a. It will avoid that you become easily distracted.

b. It brings security and stibility to your life.

c. It illiminates double-mindedness and confusion.

d. It makes you assertive.

e. You become a person who knows exactly what they want out of life.

f. Vision makes you effective.

g. It is a great leadership quality.


In the story of Alice in Wonderland, she comes to a crossroads on her journey. Confused, she asked the smiling Cheshire cat, which road she should choose. With that he responds by asking her whereto she was heading. She answered by saying that she really did not know. The cat's reply was profound, "Then it does not really matterwhich road you choose."

We need to choose our path. Once chosen, stick to it and deal with every obstacle that may come your way. Remember that every other path has it's own difficulties and obstacles. Just stick to yours with excellence.

Hope this was helpful.



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Mick18 Premium
Excellent post and advise, thanks, Randal.
RandalStorm Premium
Thank you. So much appreciated.
timstime20 Premium
Vision is very important ... just completed my new vision board to go with my DREAM board
Great post
megawinner Premium
Awesome. I think l would do the same.
RandalStorm Premium
It just gave me an amazing idea also. Vision & Dream Board, wow.
RandalStorm Premium
Thank you Tim for your influence.
CassiOfTroy Premium
Randal, this is an excellent post!
Thank you.

'Alice in Wonderful" has many lessons and remains as relevant today (perhaps more so) as it was back then.
We MUST know where we are going.
How else will we know when we are there?

Have a great 2020!

RandalStorm Premium
Hi, Thank you Cassi. God's blessing for the wonderful year ahead.
Joes946 Premium
Great post Randal.
RandalStorm Premium
Thank you Joe, much appreciated
drjec Premium
This is good advice. Thanks.
RandalStorm Premium
Thank you for reading the post.