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January 16, 2020
Producing olive oil in ancient times, with its modern day applicationOlive oil extraction was a fascinating process in ancient times with so much symbolism that can be applied to our lives today. Embedded deep within the cells of an olive is oil droplets. To extract this oil, the olive has to be harvested from the tree. The branches were shaken causing the olive fruit to fall to the ground. The immediate symbolism and picture that this paints, is that of secure comfort zones being agitated. We
January 14, 2020
Without vision, people perish!"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." ~ Helen KellerWhat an inspiring Helen Keller quote, if you are struggling with motivation. It was also William Carey, missionary to India, who said that you cannot accomplish great things unless you attempt great things. The above mentioned individuals were both visionaries. We cannot control or determine where we come from, but we can s
Who am I?This was one of the most crucial questions that I had to answer for myself very early in my teenage life. I remember literally standing in front of the mirror asking this question. Why was I created? What was I created for, to be? What is my purpose? I think I finally made peace with myself, as the years progressed. It's called contentment. When you think about identity it might be a simple or common issue for many, but not so. Self-identity or people who are in conflict with self is o
November 29, 2019
I remember the time when I enlisted for the Trans Baviaans mountain bike, endurance race here in South Africa. It’s a gruelling 240 km race, from a little town called Willowmore to surfing paradise, Jeffrey s Bay. You have 24 hrs to complete, with a minimum of two riders per team. It covers the most spectacular landscape and scenery. You cross rivers, go down steep mountainous declines at ridiculous speeds, and then there is the slow, steady, steep climbs that seem to continue forever. Wh
November 26, 2019
Listening to a group of experts!Well that's what I was doing today. Listening to a group of Engineers and Project Managers discuss the next major Infrastructure Project. They sounded like experts. Each one carefully detailing the specific dynamics of the project in so much depth and insight.I noticed one common thread as I was listening to their conversation and comments. They all spoke about experiences. They all referenced to mistakes and failures they had in the past. Yes, they spoke about f
Just a little more patience...It's truly a virtue. The ability to wait with expectation. When we can wait with hope, that's when patience can be viewed as positive. I'm sure we've all been tested in this arena of life. Waiting for results or the outcome of circumstances. How many times have we not failed this test, and responded foolishly because of our deep desire to see quick results. We are wired for results. We want to see the outcome of things rapidly. You see one of our base needs is secu
November 23, 2019
I've started and are pushing myself as hard as I possibly can. Going to bed at 2 am in the mornings and up at 5 am for work. It's all worth it. I can see myself going to my boss in the near future with the biggest smile on my face, tendering my resignation. The thought of going full-time and spending that time stewarding my greatest commodity, time. Time spent doing what I absolutely love doing. Being able to be there for my children and wife and being able to effectively grow a limitless onlin
November 14, 2019
Hi FolksI'm currently going through the training. Just so excited and I have to continously check myself that I'm not trying to go to fast. I'm trying to figure out at what stage do you have enough post content for your web. I also feel a bit intimidated by the competitors' websites. I need to make sure that my website equals or betters their standard and quality. Would this be the right approach and attitude? Oh yes, my niche market is BOARD GAMES. I love this part of my life, bacause this is