Patience, patience and much more patience.

Last Update: November 25, 2019

Just a little more patience...

It's truly a virtue. The ability to wait with expectation. When we can wait with hope, that's when patience can be viewed as positive. I'm sure we've all been tested in this arena of life. Waiting for results or the outcome of circumstances. How many times have we not failed this test, and responded foolishly because of our deep desire to see quick results.

We are wired for results. We want to see the outcome of things rapidly. You see one of our base needs is security, and it gives us a sense of inner peace to know that things are going to work out just fine. This is why when we do not see quick results we tend to respond in anxiety and doubt.

Quick fix society...

We live within the quick-fix generation, if I may call it that. We place something into the microwave, press a few buttons, and pop, we have the desired outcome exactly as expected. If only life worked that way, with it's many unknowns and uncertainties.

What is more uncertain than human nature? We just don't know how people are going to respond to anything good or even bad. I wish that we would all get good responses within the first day of starting with Wealthy Affiliate, but we know that the mystery of human nature just does not work like that.

What we do in the meanwhile is what matters

We cannot control people's response to our web pages, but we can control our own attitude and actions in the meanwhile time, that time of waiting. In the meanwhile folks, let's keep going. Improve your content and keep on researching. Improve yourself, self-develop, learn and become a better you.

Try a little harder, take a little break, but keep on going. The issue is not to become weary and lose hope. Remain optimistic and positive. Engage the community here at WA and allow yourself to be inspired by them. Read some of the Top 200, 100 - Ambassador's stories and you will become inspired, knowing that they also struggled at some stages of their progress. Yet they persevered.

So... just try again and again. Try again tomorrow if you don't feel like it today. The community and help is just a call away.

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PeteKane91 Premium
great post.

when i started i went 100mph, so now im slow and steady.

the community is great!
Stanleycmng Premium
Yes, we live in an instant gratification society with less patience and many short fused people. Need more patience in the world.
timstime20 Premium
I like that .. the community is just a call away
DarrenNicola Premium
Hello and thanks for sharing.
Patience is something that I rely on in all walks of life.
Being patient can help you making wrong decisions, especially when you are making a big purchase.
Thanks again and all the best.
Darren :)
Matthuk Premium
spot on