Yes I Made it! 6 months in. Hard work Pays off!

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Yes I made it, I became an affiliate marketer just 6 months ago and guess what I am now making money from helping people.

It would not have been possible if I had given in to procastination and fear factor.

Six months ago I had no website, no online income, was not an internet enterpreneur, did not know how making money online works, never trusted online business, avoid all online opportunities due to fear factor.


I have two functional websites one niche website and one promoting WA, and within six months I am already making money from both sites.

Been invited by lots of prospects to create websites for them.....more earnings

providing affiliate marketing trainings to people..

Have an excellent web development skill and would be holding series of trainings soon.

==>All this will not have been possible if I had not taken the bold opportunity to try things out at wealthy affiliate.

Read my first blog post here to see my beginner feelings.

I will not say I'm perfect already, but hey....I'm better than than I was 6 months ago-who wouldn't be excited.

All thanks to the education and trainings here at wealthy affiliate.

"You are better than you think you are, invest in yourself, you only live once why not make it worthwhile"

My goal

create==>explore==>expand and conquer.

welcome to the bright side



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Great stuff, great to hear that you are earning an income, it makes me more determined whenever I hear great stories like this.

All the very best,

Glad it was an inspiration, hope to see your success stories too..

Well done Rahye.

Thanks Fam!!

Well done Mr. Very inspiring!!

I am 1 month into this online business, and I am confident of success. It is hard work juggling full-time work with trying to build a viable business, but I will reach my goal. Despite the challenges, I am committed to working on the business everyday and posting a blog once a week.

I wish you continued success.

Any other tips and words of wisdom, would be much appreciated.

Hi, guess what I'm also juggling this with a full time job...
And it is fun exploring opportunities for growth and self development.
My advice, be consistent with the trainings, follow them, ask questions and most importantly take actions.

If you want this to be more fun, choose a niche from something you love or want to learn about....working for me.....and I will also advice for starters try to make at least two blog post weekly...

Cheers to you 😉

Thank you. I am nurse and my niche is all about health promotion and issues related to your heart.
I am enjoying the research element, in preparation of my blogs. I am learning so much. So it is important to choose a niche that you are passionate about....It makes things so much easier.

You certainly are on the right track friend.

Great Imexcitedtoworkonit

Please do and remember to share your progress and success....


Great for you! Hope I can get the same results or at least somewhere close to that. Wayne

Of course, set your mind to it.
If I started with little knowledge of all these you can to and even achieve better, depending on how much actions you take.
Follow the trainings, take actions, ask questions and keep a journal to watch how you progress.

Cheers to your success Wayne

Way to go! Wishing you much continued success!

Thanks, wishing you the same and more..

Congratulations Rahye!

You've come a long way in such a short time and I'll be following your progress with interest. As you say, "Taking action is what differentiate the successful people from the average people".

I hope to catch up with you in Las Vegas early next year!

Onwards and upwards!


Thanks Steve, I am really working hard towards that. But I'm not willing to kill for it.
More success to you too..

I agree - killing is definitely not a favoured marketing practice! However, did you read about JerryHuang receiving 900 sign-ups in a week. That's clearly an exceptional achievement, but it certainly gives me hope for 300 in 9+ months

Jerry really inspires me to do more whenever he create his posts, it takes consistency and time to get to where he currently is.
I envy him, and for every other person who does you should be willing to put in amount of practice he does and even more to be like him or better.

I like the way you reason, and I can smell success from you and myself.

Very nyc and thanx for sharing your story!! This is my first month & was thinking about the outcome of the hard work I m putting in here. Just then saw your post. Quite inspiring :))

Glad it was helpful, take the trainings here and put all the actions and hardwork on your website (s).
If you do that, the sky will be your limit ...
Always take actions...I started with no knowledge of all these, but just the love of research and writing.

Look at me now!

I am really happy about this feat, keep up!!!!

Thanks, I'm happy you're, we are all happy in WA!

Brilliant Rahye- Really good news and an inspiration for newbies (like me) and those struggling to make inroads,

Well Done- Mike

Hi Mike, welcome to WA.
Wealthy affiliate is worth it the education and community is something traditional education will never teach you.

Be inspired, following the trainings no matter what level you are in affiliate marketing, and then always take actions.

Taking action is what differentiate the successful people from the average people.

Welcome to the bright side.

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