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Last Update: June 11, 2021


Good Afternoon to all you lovely people at the WA Family, as always do so hope that you are all keeping both safe and well.

Thought that for a change that I would write this on a Friday afternoon, have plans for later, watching cricket.

I did promise last week to begin building my list, at times I do make the most silly or stupid decisions. If you have built a list then you will know what I mean. But let me begin at the beginning…..

The Last Few Days

If I recall correctly I had submitted my first newsletter to my mentor for his comments, not only did he give me an in depth critique, but did it on video. It was very honest, I could agree with nearly all that he said, what I was not happy about, I could see why he had said it, (possibly because I would have to spend money!!)

Must be honest it did send some alarm bells ringing am I doing the right thing, when within hours came my next lesson, this was not only superb, but has set me off on another train of thought.

In a nutshell it was related to the use of PLR or Private Label Rights, those of you who have followed me for any length of time, will know my passion for PLR and what can be done with it. The fact is that I also have a domain ready and waiting, as I did intend to go along those lines when I started with my mentor, switching to the newsletter instead, as I was concerned with my content with the PLR site.

However, I decided to continue with researching list building and all that it entails.

It has been an absolute eye-opener, thought that I knew how to do it, boy, was I wrong.

It is almost certain that I will be changing my direction for now, as a result I have opened a file, listing all that needs doing to create a list.

Talk about the work really starting, think that I do know the title of the subject or domain, will have to work out the product that I will use. The problem is that my new training session with my mentor has really put the cat amongst the pigeons, giving me ideas that I had not thought of before, but which are absolutely brilliant.

Will have to be sensible, take a step backwards, work out the best thing to do for now, at least I will have extra ideas to use.

However, I now have a list of what I need to do to enable me to begin building a list, thought that some of the things that I was doing were hard and involved, not now that I have got into the real world.

Not that I care, I am really fired up, would like to say excited, but who in their right mind is excited about hard work.

As always I have continued to visit live chat daily, do get concerned about some new members who want to make money from day one, not really understanding just how much hard work and application is required in order to begin making money, especially online.

It was a blessing in disguise that I had started to sort out my files, with the work that I have to do In order to build my list, at least I can know where to look for items to use as I build out my funnel.

As a result of checking in my files, I have also done a fair amount of additional training, these include adding content properly, also blogging the right way, not how I tend to do it. There is always something to learn when you try to run an internet business, but I still find it to be great fun.

Thanks to checking some of the files I have also been able to start re purposing some of the material.

Do have a little confusion regarding certain aspects of what I need to do, also just which subject or domain that I should use. It is possible that I have too much going on in my head, thus causing me not to be totally focused on what I should do.

Just had a light bulb moment so please do read on…

Thought of the Week

This quote seemed very appropriate for this week.

The Next Few Days

It is amazing how, when I begin writing how ideas just pop into my head, this happened a few moments ago. Whilst I was getting concerned about exactly what to do, it dawned on me. Make a list of what I have available, regarding domains and websites, then what material do I have to use. From there a decision can be made, based on fact.

As mentioned earlier I have now listed what I need to do as regards building a list and then creating a funnel, so why not see just which topics would be best to use now, leaving the rest for the future.

I have no intention of consigning the newsletter to the bin, rather let it wait in the wings to be used at a later date, a lot of work has been done on that already, but taking what my mentor said about it and my new training feel that it is better left until later.

Will need to make some notes to discuss things with my mentor first.

You will gather that the next few days could see me writing endless notes on what I have, or even need, before I make a final decision, this could mean that not a lot of productive work will be done this time around, but, being a planner, I do not mind as I expect to see some serious progress in the next few weeks.

Could even see the list being started, now there is a thought. Lol


From the point of view of sorting out and making some decisions, it has been a very positive few days, think that sometimes, just because you cannot see the exact results of your labours, it makes you think that you have achieved nothing. When in fact you have achieved a good deal, the fact that it is not physical can also confuse the issue.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

Please do stay safe,

God Bless


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KathyAnne Premium Plus
Glad you're starting to make progress with list building. It can take a lot of time to fully understand everything, and things change as well. I don't buy plr anymore as even with quality work you still have to rewrite in your own words. Writing notes is a great idea, and something I do as well. Remembering where I stored the file is another matter lol!!
RAFStuart Premium
Hi Kathy no the feeling well.
CherryRed20 Premium
I hope that your list does come with a purpose.

Anyways, good luck, Stuart.

Stay safe,
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks Myra, it sure does if I do it right.

Take care
davehayes Premium
Very Interesting post Stuart. The title caught my eye, as its what I have done for yeeeeaaaarrrs now.

PLRs are okay. The thing that puts me off them is how valid and current the info is. I have viewed a variety in recent weeks and been disappointed by the standard.

List Building is so simple to do.

You need the following

An autoresponder or Autoresponder / CRM to house your leads

You need proven non social media resources to advertise in as well as social media, but for my own perspective non social media is better because you are getting targeted people on your list. Social media starts as follows then progresses to buyers.

Follow up and through.

12 months of that and you will have some bountiful harvest which does not stop.

Final thing you will need is a blog to document your progress for others.

Since switching my theme back in January my already good list has got stronger and better.

Distractions and mentors who don't have your interests at heart, always worry me.
RAFStuart Premium
Hi Dave, many thanks as always for your sage advice, which is always great to have, it will be copied and added to my list building file.

Have realised about the blog thanks, but it is good to be reminded.

davehayes Premium
Good wasn't trying to teach you to suck eggs at all Stuart, just reading what was written.

What I have realised through being here and also affilliated with Thrive Themes, is just how much money we can save throug h the building of our custom blog, and adapting it to the vision / ideas we have, rather than getting sucked into other avenues.
RAFStuart Premium
Cheers Mate, always do value your advice and knowledge.

davehayes Premium
Happy to help Stuart. Of all the guru's I have met, none have yet to know more than me and invariably disappear very quickly..

Jo Barnes was one case in point...
RAFStuart Premium
Good point, I have known mine for a long time, but always am weary of being taken in, your advice is always sound.
Only1Hugh Premium
Stuart so many takeaways from this post. Have a Mentor that can give you advice, always be prepared to learn and adjust as is necessary even if you think you have a winning formula, persistence pays off and it's never too late to implement new tricks.
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for your comments Hugh.
Only1Hugh Premium
You are welcome Stuart.
countrylife Premium
I am building my traffic and I need to get organized with Aweber but I am getting there. I don't know anything about PLR?
Thank you.
Great blog post.
Wishing you a terrific day.
Wishing you continued success.
RAFStuart Premium
Many thanks for your kind comments.
countrylife Premium
You're welcome.