Do You Use Everything?

Last Update: February 06, 2021


A very good evening to each and every one of you at the wonderful WA Family, as always do so hope that you are all keeping both safe and well.

Another one of my mystery titles for you to ponder over which will be explained under my general interest post.

Another very busy week which has seen me begin to get totally immersed in my second website, more of this later.

General Interest

From time to time we decide to take the plunge and have a silver dollar moment, would be very surprised if most, if not all of you have done this at sometime or other. Not always to make a so called quick or easy buck, but for a programme or software that we feel could be of some use to us in our business life.

It certainly applies to me, which brings me to my title. Have you used all that you have bought? If not then perhaps some of it, or are you like a lot of people hardly touched any of it.

Recently a chance email from a guy who mentors me when needed, asked about a certain programme which he knows that I have, as he had seen an advert of mine, regarding it. My reply was that I had not bothered with it as much as I ought to have done. This set me thinking, went into that programme and realised what a huge mistake I had made.

There was so much useful stuff on it, so it was back to training and if you haven't guessed this is my second website now. They provided it as part of the package.

I am having to be careful that I do not just go flying into it, but do small steps at a time, otherwise I will get totally lost, almost as usual. However I have upgraded this programme, yesterday in fact, now, not only do have even more stuff to use, but a graphic design studio which is totally awesome, also an auto-responder. This will save money on having a separate one. Also lots of advertising credits and solo ads.

When going through some old files to see what they contained, came across a number that have several articles in them. These can be re purposed, brought up to date, then made into a book, or training guide, they are certainly usable.

Why not have a look through some of your old purchases and see what can be re-cycled, or better still just used.

The Last Week

It will be no surprise that a lot of the time has been spent on my second website. Did manage to post another article on the family tree site. Still struggling with the affiliate link. It is just fortunate that I can bring an article forward that is already completed.

Have begun to post a weekly blog on my second site, like this one it will be done at weekends, find that I have more time to do a relaxing blog on a Saturday or Sunday. The week is for working on the sites!!

Have discovered a number of sites on the new website, which are geared to not just advertising but also making money with the products that they give you. So might have a play with those eventually.

This Coming Week

Do more training to ensure that my investment on the second site is not wasted.

Make a plan on how to utilise the benefits that this site can bring me, formulating an advertising plan, deciding how to prepare the copy, though some is provided I prefer to write my own.

Making a list on how to use this new material, without going mad and trying to do everything at once. As I keep saying, little baby steps.


Not too bad a week, with several positives, keep saying that I can see a little improvement, I can, but I must not slacken my resolve to do really well.

Have made many mistakes, no doubt will make more, but if I can keep my focus and concentration there is no reason why I should not eventually succeed.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,

Do stay safe,

God Bless,



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FKelso Premium
I am pretty good about using everything I have because I do not have money to spend on something I won't use. That keeps me pretty much on track. Some of them I use for a certain project and then leave them for more later, but they all get used.
RAFStuart Premium
Well done, you are very prudent, am slowly getting that way.
EstellynWrig Premium
You are so right, sometimes if we would just take the time out to go through our trainings and no just skip pass it when we get stuck, it would save us a lot of time that we spend looking for the same help that we already had in the training.
I wish you the best with your second site!
RAFStuart Premium
Many thanks very kind.
Debbi26 Premium
Ha. What a question. I have SOOOOO many things electronic and non electronic that I have purchased and never used. They sounded like a good idea at the time. The only up side to it is that by only having a virtual husband (or work husband years ago), I didn't have to sneak it/them into the house, hide it/them or answer questions. LOL I now sleep on things for longer periods of time and it has saved me a lot.

RAFStuart Premium
Hi Debbi, good answer, your virtual husband is now being very prudent (I think. lol)
Take care , stay safae

Mick-D Premium
A very thoughtful post Stuart,
Planning your progress and finding other useful things that were stored in the "One day I will use it" box.
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for your kind comments, Michael.

james5273 Premium
I can totally relate to your post Stuart. I have bought a lot of stuff, some of them haven't been touched or opened yet. Thanks for your advice.
RAFStuart Premium
James, you are more than welcome.