Page 6 on Google after 27 minutes?

Last Update: December 18, 2017

So I published my new article today on 18 dec on the topic of how to convert your existing Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to Gold.

As usual, I then go on to Google search console and fetch as google and did all that. You know the drill.

After I was done, I decided to see if my page got any rankings and I was expecting a 0 but to my surprise, my post got on page 6 of Google!

Is this normal?

Update: Just went on Incognito mode and its now on page 5

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TCUK Premium Plus
That is cool, but remember to check your rank while in Incognito (if using Chrome).

Usually, when writing a post, uploading it then check it by going on the site... etc... you may have visited your own URL a few times and accessed your site a number of times which will be in your google history a site you visit, a site you visit from your location...
Google search results should be specific to you, based on your location, history, etc... so chances are it shows your own site above others just because you use to go to your site (main domain)...

Using Incognito window in chrome, you make your self not as prominent (no history) and you 'may' get a search result that is more generic and maybe more realistic of where your site appears in average for other users... maybe :)
JasonLo Premium
Thanks for pointing this out
Rabrx Premium
Thanks! This is really helpful
Memorylaneuk Premium
I do t think it is normal. I think you should be very pleased with yourself.
With Grace and Gratitude
JasonLo Premium
very normal especially if your blog has been around for awhile.