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Last Update: November 10, 2016

So I've been capped on comments to newcomers for the day! I didn't realize it was such a thing her on WA. After trying to figure out why and going back to read posts about it, it makes sense.

The comments and welcomes to the new people can be a bit overwhelming if they received that from every member here on WA. I just wasn't really thinking about all the posts these people get.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting them myself when I joined WA and even took the time to review their profiles as well as their websites. I am now following quite a few of those people who welcomed me into WA.

Thank you all for that and I hope to make a lot of friends during this process.

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Toshmack Premium
Thanks for the share.
Cheers, Tosh :)
MPollock Premium
Thanks and emails are overwhelming too.
CateR Premium
BryanLarkin Premium
That is great! :) Well done for being the active member you are and helping others.

Enjoy again when you can resume haha.

rabinsmadre Premium
Thank you. I will bother the "elders" now. Hahaha
BryanLarkin Premium
Hahaa! Don't forget to respect them too ;) lol
PatLemy Premium
Thank you for sharing !