Last Update: November 20, 2016

I wanted to comment on the importance of utilizing feedback for your website. Not only giving honest and detailed feedback but also receiving it.

I had placed a link on my site that took viewers, if clicked, to an Amazon shopping page as an affiliate link. Sounds great right? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because I may get some people shopping and that will earn some cash. No, because when the link was clicked it didn't open in a new window. That took people away from my page. I read somewhere that if people leave your page, then some may not know to just hit the "back button" to return to your website. Therefore, traffic lost!

So...I found a plugin that I put onto my website called External Links. What it allows me to do is to go into my settings, click on the "external links" tab then just check the box that says to open outbound links in new windows. Wala!!! It works. For all my tabs and widgets.

That feedback was invaluable to me and hope this will be for others as well.


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HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Terri, good to know
MPollock Premium
Great tip and thanks,
KerriM Premium
I love the tip! I would never have realized that people don't know to hit the back button to return. I have just utilized this plugin on my site as well. Thank you for the tips!
JKAshipala Premium
Lost traffic is a loss of opportunity and good will in a long run.
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks for the share.
Cheers, Tosh :)
rabinsmadre Premium
Thanks. It sounds so simple but as I read chat questions I realize that we are all at various levels of learning. Even so much as knowing to hit the back arrow. This may make it easier for some.