Domain Disabled

Last Update: August 10, 2015

So I got my domain disabled due to high loads on the server, sent the ticket and it got fixed and then is disabled again i dont know what to do i sent them another ticket and they havent gotten back to me yet, i had plans on adding a review on my site but now i cant even login or access my site feeling stressed

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QJulian66 Premium
Well it was due to me buying traffic off of fiverr, which is now a big no no because i have overloaded the server with too much traffic and it turns out the traffic wasnt organic it must of been bots just posting my links or just refreshing my pages. now im just waiting on my traffic to die down after cancelling the bought traffic.
Shawn Martin Premium
High loads on the server? Did they say why the high loads? What kind of traffic are you getting per day?
They will answer the ticket and I would love to hear their response.