Last Update: August 08, 2015

So Im currently in a pickle im not sure if i covered everything in the affiliate bootcamp and not sure if im doing everything correctly in the bootcamp im stressing, anybody out there wanna provide me some insight on what specifically i can do and get traffic?thanks in advance

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rconnor1967 Premium
Julian it's easy to get stressed here at first, there is alot going on and you do not need to digest in one day,week or month. It's more important to take baby steps at first. Understand each lesson before moving on.

The best thing is having a community of mentors like WA, to help with any question or mole hills you need to get over. Best of luck robert
TheFatGuy Premium Plus
Leave your URL here and let me see what it is you have done so far. Also, you have not been her but a few days, it takes a little bit of time to create traffic to your site, but we will help you get it going.
Always ask for feedback about what you have done with each lesson and then master that lesson.
Continue on when you feel comfortable with what you have learned.

For now, lets see the site URL and we can help more that way.

QJulian66 Premium
Thanks I really appreciate it here it is quincysmarketing.com
TheFatGuy Premium Plus
Hello Quincy,
Okay first let me apologize for how long it took me to get back to you, I am travelling and it is difficult to keep up between airports and hotels.
Second, your site is really good. Great start. The layout is simple and you have done a lot in such a short time. You should be proud of your work thus far, it is coming along nicely.
Now, I searched for your site on Google, it is so new it is not indexed yet. You will have to give it a few more days to get it there.
Where are you in the training?
Keep going, you have a lot more to learn before your site will attract what it is you seek.
You need to get to the webmaster section and submitting your site to google parts.
I am not sure if you are ready for those yet. Let me know if you are and I will give you some links, but it is best if you do the training the way it is laid out.