Earned accomplishment badge for completing level 4 of entrepreneurial certification course

Last Update: March 24, 2018

Perseverance paid off

I suppose without hard work I would not have been able to complete Level 4 of the above Course. Level 4 of the Course has 10 Lessons so on average I spent 10 hours to complete these 10 Lessons within two days.

My Community Committments

However the the time I spent to help Wealthy Affiliate members, comment on Posts and get involved in Chat is separate from time reserved in a day for lessons. Time set aside for Community would come to 3 hours daily. Altogether combined, I spent 8 hours a day on Wealthy Affiliate on above two areas.

Level 4's 10 Lessons are as follow:

Lesson 1 - What does Social Engagement mean to Your Business.

Lesson 2 - Making Your Website a Place to Engage.

Lesson 3 - Using Facebook the Right Way

Lesson 4 - Pinterest and the Visual Social Hemisphere.

Lesson 5 - Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign.

Lesson 6 - Google Plus or Minus

Lesson 7 - The Benefit of Being Social at WA

Lesson 8 - Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals

Lesson 9 - Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community

Lesson 10 - You Cannot be a Master of Everything.


Thanks again Kyle, Carson and WA Community for your precious help without which I still would not be here today

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eloake Premium
Well done.Congratulations
StanleyLien Premium
Way to go!
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davehayes Premium
Well done and excellent, you are doing way more thany of those outside this incredible community will ever achieve