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AM I DISSATISFIED WITH WEALTHY AFFILIATE?Circumstances beyond my control has overtaken me, and has actually enslaved me. There are situations in life that can make it unpalatable just like for eating it robs you of your abilities to eat and such similar situation can arise in the deprivation of your external need. Some may be thinking that I am leaving Wealthy Affiliate because I don't like it or no longer believe in it or has lost faith in it or that I am unhappy with Wealthy Affiliate Commu
April 10, 2018
Cyclone Keni goneI conveyed in my last blog my absence for awhile from WA due to Cyclone Keni which was approaching my Country Fiji an Island in the Pacific Ocean. The Cyclone had a wind-speed ranging between 130 km - 185 km per hour. Where I lived, it was spared but there were other areas that bore the brunt of its destruction and further aggravated by flooding which made our Towns like Nadi, Rakiraki, Sigatoka Ba and Tavua look like oceans..Impact of Climate ChangeI am 73 years old now and I
Cyclone Keni My country Fiji right today Tuesday 10/04/2018 is faced with being ravaged by category 3 Cyclone Keni travelling at 110 km at the center and 185 km around its peripheries and may intensify further. This will disrupt the power supply which right now has been cut off'. So this will disable me, with no electricity, from doing my WA activities.TILL WE MEET AGAIN AND SORRY FOR THIS VERY BRIEF BLOG.
Wealthy Affiliate Referrals Bootcamp Lesson 1 of Phase 1 directs that I keep somewhere my goal aiming at getting 1000 Wealthy Affiliate referrals one year after I completed the full Bootcamp Course in 3 months time. Hence the purpose of this blog is to record my referrals goal and to be a reminder too.
All about Level 5 - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation. Level 5 covers the the following 10 Lessons: Lesson 1 - Content is Your BusinessLesson 2 - Setting Up Google Webmaster ToolsLesson 3 - Improvng Indexing Times and SpeedsLesson 4 - People Need To Read Your ContentLesson 5 - A Year is a Short Period of Time Yet Big for BusinessLesson 6 - Writing Within a Devised Plan ArchitectureLesson 7 - Writing Your Content With Conversion IntentLesson 8 - Injecting Contents With IntentLe
Succesfully installed xml sitemap in my site rubix website But the problem arose when I copied my site rubix website xml sitemap url to Google webmaster tool. There a totally different format is now being applied where they are demanding that you verify your ownership of that website before they allow you to access xml sitemap and greatly varied too from what is covered about Google xml sitemap in Lesson 3 of Level 5 of the Entrepreneurial Certification Course I am on now.Any solution to ab
Perseverance paid offI suppose without hard work I would not have been able to complete Level 4 of the above Course. Level 4 of the Course has 10 Lessons so on average I spent 10 hours to complete these 10 Lessons within two days.My Community CommittmentsHowever the the time I spent to help Wealthy Affiliate members, comment on Posts and get involved in Chat is separate from time reserved in a day for lessons. Time set aside for Community would come to 3 hours daily. Altogether combined, I spe
Social media affiliate scamming activitiesBefore joining Wealthy Affiliate I had looked for opportunities to make money online by joining social media affiliate programmes which offered products to promote, very attractive from outside but once I joined them I found out they were scammers. All they were interested in was my money and I lost out quite alot to them. This experience had given me a bitter taste of affiliate marketting, so I searched to see if there was an honest one somewhere
Great reliefAnother hurdle now bypassed after my completing Level 3 of the above Course.Level 3 about MAKING MONEY entails the following:Lesson 1 - Understanding the MONEY in Online Business. Lesson 2 - Understanding Affiliate Programmes and Networks.Lesson 3 - Relevant Affiliate Programmes are Everywhere.Lesson 4 - Adding Affiliate Links to your Pages.Lesson 5 - Instant Access to a Million Products.Lesson 6 - Leveraging Product Review.Lesson 7 - Getting Paid for Ads on your site.Lesson 8 - EAR
March 17, 2018
Greeting to my sisters and brothers in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.Now into my second month I am applying in Wealthy Affiliate the work approach I had adopted, when I worked in the Fiji Government as a District Officer in Naitasiri Province the District concerned. This was more than thirty years ago. I had served in the rural areas which at that time had no roads, schools and health facilities. In that District I was the Goverment Head so all District Departmental Heads came under my char