Completed level 5,the final level of the entrepreneurial certification course

Last Update: March 30, 2018

All about Level 5 - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation.

Level 5 covers the the following 10 Lessons:

Lesson 1 - Content is Your Business

Lesson 2 - Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

Lesson 3 - Improvng Indexing Times and Speeds

Lesson 4 - People Need To Read Your Content

Lesson 5 - A Year is a Short Period of Time Yet Big for Business

Lesson 6 - Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture

Lesson 7 - Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent

Lesson 8 - Injecting Contents With Intent

Lesson 9 - Bing & Yahoo. They are Still the 33%

Lesson 10 - Articulating a PLAN for the Months and Year Ahead

First HURDLE over

I regard the completion of Levels 1 - 5, with their respective 10 Lessons each, of the Entrepreeurial Certification Course as having gone over the first hurdle of my journey in Wealthy Affiliate.

Second HURDLE yet to begin

I have deliberately decided to study Bootcamp 7 Phases with their respective 10 Lessons. in all 70 Lessons, because one can earn online income by promoting Wealthy Affiliate and this is what I intend to do.


I intend to earn online income and repeatedly revisit the Entrepreneurial Certification Course 50 Lessons and Bootcamp 70 Lessons

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helldale Premium
Congratulation, and full success.
Belden22 Premium Plus
Congratulations! On to the Bootcamp. I am there now and am learning so much more than I imagined.

NickSkellern Premium
CongratulationsTaniela! Great job!
davehayes Premium
Well done keep it up