Mindmapping it! Free your mind.

Last Update: March 07, 2014

What is mindmapping?

Mindmapping is a method of tree structuring your thoughts. It's commonly use for brainstorming ideas. But more and more, mind mapping can be done for writing e-books, project management, and, of course, building out your Wordpress site structure.

I use it all the time to download my thoughts onto paper or through software. Don't seem to know why you are not getting traction on your website? Have a bunch of ideas that you can't seem to remember?

Mindmap it for FREE!

Here are some free sources for mindmapping:

- Mindjet at vision.mindjet.com (For OSX & Windows)

- FreeMind at freemind.sourceforge.net (For OSX, Windows, & Linux)

- Simplemind+ (free for iOS, trial for OSX & Windows)

Do you Mindmap?

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struter Premium
Hi ptran38, I liked your post I have looked at mind mapping before but I guess it must take a lot of practicing to get it right. I will look at your links to see how they work because I would really like to get that down.
dbrownukk Premium
Yes, great tools, I use them for every project. Do read Tony Buzan on Mindmapping. David
MarkoMavaros Premium
Great Tool! I am looking forward to use it.
ptran38 Premium
There's so much information that I have to learn in a compressed amount of time that I have to tools like mindmap and Evernote so that I don't billions of post it notes on my computer.