Can you be successful online without subscribers/followers?

Last Update: March 05, 2014

So it has been several months now that I've been learning and applying as much as I can about making money online. Through all my research (thus far) I have come to the following conclusions in order to really succeed:

  • you've got to get involved
  • you've got to establish your authority
  • you've got to create a following
  • you've got to be willing to connect with others

So there! This is the "secret". The technical stuff I've learn is important but it's only one of the key components required for me to become successful. No sense in spending all the time building the most awesome and engaging site if you can't get traffic to see it.

So my question to everyone is, can you make money online without ever contributing to or be involved in social media? If so, then this introvert would like to hear more about how you are doing this.

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struter Premium
Hi ptran, you are right on all your points, as far as your site goes you need all the targeted traffic you can get obviously the more targeted the traffic is the better. Traffic is people plain and simple and the more you know about your customers the better. Social sites are very good for this and are becoming my favorite place to do business. i like Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin and google+ then you get involved in the groups that you are interested in and start making friends and followers, the more the merrier because every friend you get can have hundreds of friends and followers of there own and on and on it goes su when you market to them hopefully the will pass your info on to all their friends and hopefully it will go viral, Classifieds are another way I advertise my site and programs Backpage being my favorite there. So you said it check them out and get involved.
To your success.
letsreel90 Premium
I'm an introvert myself and it's tough to to try and 'connect' with others (well at least for myself). At best, I'm a 'functioning introvert', lol
ptran38 Premium
Haha. I know. Trying to do a copyright for a landing page usually sounds like an infomercial. I try to talk to people like they are my buddy next door. It just sounds more genuine and sincere.
letsreel90 Premium
Me too, and I actually got positive feedback for that. So at least I can do that, lol. All the best, you'll make it. Like the lecturer of my uni days says "fake it till you make it"; and to add to that, after much practice, it won't be too forced ;)
DNTL Premium
Fake it 'till you make it! ;)