Twelve Days In to My WA Membership

Last Update: September 30, 2021

At only twelve days in to my time here at Wealthy Affiliates, it seems a bit early. However, we are encouraged to share our results and where we are on this journey, and my desire is to follow the training, grow in the learning and continually move forward, leaning on the shoulders of the giants here at WA.

Going Premium

Almost from the word "go", I could see that moving to the Premium level was important if I was really serious about setting and reaching the goals I had stated in the beginning. Within 24 hours, I opted in to the Premium membership, and I have not been disappointed.

I feel like I have gotten my money's worth, just in the training and the access to "more" within the membership. If feels more "real" instead of just testing the waters. The benefits are definitely worth it.

Making Progress via the Training

The training, if you follow it in order and in a step-by-step fashion, forces you to learn and to grow. But, it also moves you toward something. Toward your ultimate goal.

As is often said in the comments from WA community members, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes diligent, hard work, where you are commited to engage in some aspect of your journey on a daily basis.

Side Note:

Just getting a functional web site up and running is a huge thing for many people. If a person has never worked in WordPress or any website builder, it can be very intimidating.

However, a person can get started, at least get something up on a page and/or post, and start the progress. That is a huge accomplishment, and one that should be congratulated. If that is you ... YOU ROCK! Keep it going, one step at a time. You can do it! Follow the process!

So, what have I done site-wise?

  • My site is up
  • I created an About post
  • I have researched keywords using Jaaxy (which is awesome)
  • I have written three keyword-rich articles based upon the training
  • I set up my account in Google, including the Search Console
  • My site is indexed in Google

Otherwise, here are some other things I have done to inch forward:

  • Compiled a substantial list of keyword phrases via Jaaxy and my own research, related to my niche. Those are stored in a spreadsheet where I can sort them and keep some notes and stats on each of them going forward. I also take lots of notes using Evernote to help with recall. It is accessible across all my devices and is an awesome tool. (Maybe later, I will figure out how to make this glowing recommendation an affiliate earning thing, should they have that available. LOL.)
  • Compiled a list of competitor websites.
  • Compiled an ongoing list of article topics which are based either on the above research or "thoughts" about a topic that might be of interest to my readers. I can research those as I go along.
  • Set a few other goals related to the business and where I want to take it.

Within the WA ecosystem:

  • Posted two questions
  • Posted one blog post about being indexed by Google
  • Engaged with many people, both new and well-established, within the community
  • Improved my ranking to 38,021 as of this morning
  • Set up an email address
  • Received a great deal of great advice and encouragement from many members!
  • Increased my knowledge base about what WA is all about and what is offered (still much more to learn)

All in all, the WA journey so far has been worth it and has been a great investment. I am grateful to the people who have encouraged me and supported me so far.

I know that documenting where you are on your journey is an important part of reaching your goals. If I can get this much done in twelve days, I believe MANY of you can do the same with determination, focus and forward movement toward the goals you have set.

Best of luck to anyone reading this, especially ones of you who may be fearful or hesitant of even trying! Make at least a little progress each day!

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MichaelFiji Premium
Fantastic progress Phil! As I'm reading your blog (Friday 3:45pm in Oz) at home during lockdown, it is starting to hail!! Currently 18C with top of 24C - Spring!
probjr Premium
Oh my. Hail? Be safe!

Thank you!
MichaelFiji Premium
Cheers Phil, I was at home at the time, so no worries there
Ado04carr Premium
Excellent Phil, everything you have achieved in just 12 days, I congratulate you, keep it up.

Best wishes,

probjr Premium
Thank you, Ado!

Much success to you today!
JeannineC Premium
You've accomplished a lot in the first 12 days. That's great. You are, however, still in the honeymoon period. As time goes on, it will seem a bit more like obligation and become more challenging to achieve each goal. That's when you'll dig deep and persevere through each phase because you have a great goal you are working towards. I'm happy for you that everything is going to well!
probjr Premium
Thank you, Jeannine! Words of wisdom that I appreciate and will look back to. Have a very nice weekend!
Jessiefido Premium Plus
After only 12 days you have made some fantastic progress Phil!

Setting goals is so important, when you have reached one, set the next and so on!

I truly believe that we will be hearing about great success from you, sooner rather than later.

Enjoy a wonderfully productive day my friend!:-)
probjr Premium
Thank you, Nick, for your kind words. Very encouraging! Blessings to you!!
Jessiefido Premium Plus
And to you my friend!
EHR Premium Plus
Excellent work, Phil. Gene
probjr Premium
I appreciate it, Gene! Have a great rest of the day!!