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At only twelve days in to my time here at Wealthy Affiliates, it seems a bit early. However, we are encouraged to share our results and where we are on this journey, and my desire is to follow the training, grow in the learning and continually move forward, leaning on the shoulders of the giants here at WA.Going PremiumAlmost from the word "go", I could see that moving to the Premium level was important if I was really serious about setting and reaching the goals I had stated in the beginning.
It is hard to believe that I have already received a Wealthy Afiliate Google Badge, which means that my website has been ranked in the Google search engine. That is especially cool, since I only became a member four days ago.The reason may be that my domain name has been in existence for a while, although it has been inactive for many months. Even though the website was in a pretty lame state before I had to take it down, it at least existed somewhere within the Google ecosystem.I am curious ..