What Have I been Doing Lately?

Last Update: July 06, 2017

Written By: Sam&Iris

The business plan and tier structure guide your platform of your business. This is often overlooked because we think everything will fall into place. If someone said to you. How are going to build this business? What will be your answer? If you can't show me a plan on how you will create production or results for the next year. You should think do I have a true plan and what is my foundation based on? Make sure to get this right from day one, I promise you it will save you many pains and trouble down the line. I hope you understand the process or if you are confused just drop us a friendly line.

Thanks, PParadise

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Hbimbassis Premium
this is so true... I have recently looked up business plans for an online business and taken a step back from writing content and driving traffic ( focusing on putting the plan in action).. If anyone is interested I have sourced a great plan...
markr0675 Premium
I guess I need to be more prepared. Thanks for the info. Good stuff.
5-qpq Premium
Excellent planning for the future. Excellent. Thanks for the reminder and much appreciated.

Keywords, like it or not, they're here to stay, lol! I plan on getting better at this, I swear.

Again, thanks for posting.

PatsyC Premium
Thank you for posting this, I haven't thought that far ahead yet!
It makes sense to do so.
MKearns Premium
Looks like a good plan S&I!