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Written By: Sam&Iris RichardsonHi, Wa. This is a little information on how to structure your business blueprint. Which is the source of your success and business. When you get this right the rest will fall in place. We have a video training to show you a few tips live.Here is an example. He waits for the whole collection of strategies so that he has a suggestion of just what requires to go right here, what there, when he requires concrete, and so onYou have to fill out which key phrases wi
Written By: Sam&IrisThe business plan and tier structure guide your platform of your business. This is often overlooked because we think everything will fall into place. If someone said to you. How are going to build this business? What will be your answer? If you can't show me a plan on how you will create production or results for the next year. You should think do I have a true plan and what is my foundation based on? Make sure to get this right from day one, I promise you it will save y
June 22, 2017
By Sam&Iris RichardsonWhat Is Content Writing In Today's World?In today's digitized world, people are inundated with advertisements. As a result, companies struggle to get their corporate message spotted by customers. In 2011, a study carried out by the Custom Content Council showed clearly that more than Seventy percent of users elected to get their info from articles rather than from corporate ads.That means that text, imagery and video content need to supply information that's topical an
Hi,WA. We are happy to say we have now reached 10,000 followers and working with the community has been so much fun. There many goals to be meet so, we can take this one off our bucket list. Yes, let's start the next challenge,lol. We hope you are building your business daily and these results will be yours. Keep up the passion.Mindset Is Key,PParadise
Getting It Straight With SEO From The Beginning!Written By: Sam&Iris RichardsonWhat is SEO? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, it is essentially a set of rules that websites or blog owners can follow to optimize their websites for search engines to improve their rankings. Additionally, SEO tools are an excellent way of increasing the quality of websites, as SEO makes websites easier to navigate. Consequently, a website can become more friendly and faster for a user. SEO tools
Tips for Building Your Business through SEO Tools written by: Sam&Iris RichardsonTips for Building Your Business through SEO Tools Building a business today is rather simple. You start with a concept for a service you want to provide, build the business plan on how you plan to offer these services to customers, then file the legal paperwork to get your business license and tax-ID number and you're ready to go – right? The truth is, that's the easy part. The hard part is finding creati
Hi, WA. Have you used the new site content platform yet? I was wondering can you transfer your old blogs or articles you have already written over to the site content platform. I didn't see any information on that. Thanks, Sam&IrisMindset Is Key,PParadise
By Sam&Iris RichardsonYou should have the right tools to be successful with search engine optimization. One needs to be able to track traffic, rankings, analyze competitors, and identify technical problems.SEO will help you build your business brand, expand its reach, and increase revenue.There are multiple tools in the market to solve your SEO needs. They are highly essential towards making your business successful.Below are the SEO tools you can use to build your business:#1. GoogleThis i
Hi,WA. Are you Ready? Why do they say most online businesses fail? The answer is not what you think? Ok, Here we go. When did you find out is was not working? You are told give it some time. If, you are nailing boards upside down for weeks.How is that going to look five days from now? You see. The more you are doing the wrong way and that is why you go deeper you into the mess.I am willing to tell you the truth and only the truth. Have you heard of a business plan, it is needed for all business
How do you pick what is right for you? If I only drunk two cups of coffee can I judge coffee. If I bought only one ford vehicle can I say ford is bad. If I have only three male friends are all men bad. If my female partner is from Columbia and she can't cook want I am use to. Does that mean women from Columbia can't cook. The message is one,two,three experiences is still not a life time.This is also the business law. Well, What can you do? The only rule that is still true today. If you quit yo