How To Choose Color Combinations For Your Website (the easy way)

Last Update: July 24, 2018

I came across a handy resource today that makes it super easy to choose a color 'palette' or color scheme for your website or blog (or even for your brand colors).

There are tons of example website color schemes with colors that go together and complement each other.

I've found it to be VERY handy - especially since they also give your the HTML color code for each color.

Check out these 100 color combinations over on Canva

Pretty awesome, right?

I've bookmarked it because I know I will use it over and over for everything from blog colors to Pinterest pin colors - to even for color schemes for my eBooks and guides.

Now, I know we all love ALL the colors and really want our sites to look professional and look great...


(yep, there's always a 'but', isn't there? haha!)

If you want people to CLICK the links in your content, stick with time-tested blue underlined links.

I know the pink links are pretty... I like them, too =)

Remember, Internet Users have been "trained" over the years to click blue underlined words.

Plus, these days, a big majority of our site traffic is via mobile devices - which are small - which also makes it harder for your blog readers to see your links if they're not obvious and what the visitor is conditioned to KNOW is a link.

I talked about this recently in this 'Quick Tip' post on my blog, if you're interested.

Hope that helps!



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BetterDays2C Premium
Hi Jennifer,
I absolutely LOVE CANVA!! I found this about a year ago, and I quickly learned to use it. I love that it is free, and I think it is relatively simple to use. I used to do all my work in Photoshop, but it is quite time consuming finding templates, lines, etc. I do, however, still use Photoshop to resize pics before Canva or to add different text after I design in Canva. I kind of use them together, but really do much more work in Canva now.

I had no idea that Canva had this color palette?? I am so glad you pointed this out. It is a wonderful resource if one gets stuck on color coordination. I am an interior designer, and I still sometimes get stuck with color! But for those that really have no idea what to do with color, this will be a great resource.

My son is getting married next year, and I used Canva to design all of their invitations, announcements, etc. It only takes a few minutes with the right pics! Again, thanks for this tip! I will definitely use it. It is so amazing that we all share our knowledge here. I have been on Canva for over a year and I have never found this?? I am truly puzzled as to how I missed this! Take Care.
PotPieGirl Premium
Canva is a great tool, isn't it? You sound like a Pro - bet those wedding invitations and announcements turned out beautifully (and congrats on your sons upcoming wedding - that's so exciting!)
RENTON Premium
Very useful tips, Thank you.
PotPieGirl Premium
You're welcome =)