A month under my belt and....

Last Update: September 09, 2014

still progressing through training and website creativity. Having a bit of an issue with accessing my associated websites, so it has thrown me off my game some. But expecting it will be corrected soon.

The first month at Wealthy Affiliate was exhilarating and exhausting. Exhausting? Yes, so much to learn and do, but so worth the expense of energy and time. Working a full time job at 40 hours per week, plus a part time job, and this new adventure of learning here at Wealthy Affiliate has been taxing. But change only comes with concerted effort.

Physics teaches us that a body (or mass) at rest remains at rest unless some outside force sets it in motion. Our life may not feel like it has a "body" or "mass" but the same can be said of the circumstances in our life, no change comes unless something initiates a force for change.

I have learned that it is important to keep these things in mind for success with this endeavor:

1. Be intentional,

2. Be dedicated to your endeavor(s) and success,

3. Keep in touch with the community of members here at Wealthy Affiliate,

4. Keep a professional state of mind, the purpose is to develop a business,

5. Help others, it changes us too

6. Don't lose focus, if the website doesn't keep you involved rethink your purpose & passion

7. Plan for success, overcome your fears and negative thoughts and just do it!

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vcourville Premium
Great Post!...Thanks for sharing
ReinventMe Premium
Great post... i love your positive thinking! Thanks for the follow by the way.. was reading your profile and clicked through because I too love words!
You are so right about change... we either stay as we are or do something about it! :-)
Here's a little bit of inspiration for you - it shows you can achieve your dreams!

jazminf Premium
Great post, I can only imagine how exhausting this must be while working a full time job. kudos to you, and thank you for great advice:)
POrtega Premium
Thanks for the positive response. Been tied up with other priorities but I'm back at it again.
jazminf Premium
That's great to hear. Welcome back:)
EileenS Premium
Thanks! I needed that. Ur timing was perfect.
POrtega Premium
And I needed your response too! Happy that the blog was inspirational to you as well. I am so happy to follow you, best luck on your website(s).