Try for open-ended days

Last Update: April 12, 2018

Why I like Open-Ended Days

By Paul Murray

I like as many open-ended days as possible to do my Super Affiliate training. Here are my days as I see them:

*100% open-ended days—those days when I have little to do in the morning, nothing to do in the afternoon or evening. (Almost never happens.)

*half-open-ended days—those days when I might have something to do in the morning, but the rest of my day is clear for working on Super Affiliate training.

*closed-ended days—those days in which I am tied down in the mornings with work and/or errands to run, and work and/or errands to run in the evenings. (Too often.)

Days that are closed-ended are the hardest in which to get Super Affiliate training done. My SA training is held hostage to other, unrelated things. Let’s say I want to start a post on a closed-ended day. I have to figure when I start, if I will have enough time to finish the post, AND get some other SA training items done. If I can only get part of the post done, then I have to hope that I will be able to pick up the work on the post the next day. If not, starting that post and getting it only half-finished will represent a waste of time and an opportunity cost. I will not have gotten any other SA tasks done that day.

Moral: Try for as many open-ended days as possible, so that if you start a Super Affiliate task that day, you will know you can finish it, and not have to try to pick up your train of thought on some other day.

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