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Today I woke up to the news that I've made the first WA sale. The mail from Kyle to confirm this news was indeed one of my best since I joined WA. At the same time I recieved another news that someone has accepted my invitation to try things out. This was indeed very exciting to me too!Now, I know this is just like a drop in the sea and it's like nothing at all compared to some of us who are making six figure sales but I have a reason to be excited because of the following reasons: -1. I am one
June 25, 2018
Hello there, How many of you have heard about AMP for WP Plugin? I'm pretty sure many of us have come across this plugin and most probably are using it already. I watched Jay's Webinar about it and it seemed an awesome tool to use for those who want to boost their speen on mobile searches.For those who are hearing it for the first time, Amp stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and was first initiated in 2016. The main purpose of this Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to simply allow publishers
May 19, 2018
Hi guys, Yesterday I woke up at 2am because I had a blog to write and post on my website. It was my offday so I had to take full advantage. My goal was to finish typing, editing, proofreading, put images as well as post 10 products on WooCommerce. I managed to to do all of them and then as I had finished with my SEO Checklist as recommended by Jay, I noticed something funny with my post. All the edits including images, links and part of the content was gone! Oops! What? I closed up my computer
Hurrah! I have just published this long document (over 6000 words) but wait a minute, it wasn't easy as it sounds! My day job is so demanding at times and so I rarely get time for my online job but I realized that unless I work on my business more and more and give it the time it deserves I won't achieve my goals on time. So without any excuses I have to make this business grow to the next level. Where will I get the time from or shall I just resign and give undivided attention to my business?
May 05, 2018
Today as I was going through the lessons I happened to find this little tool for generating Domain name ideas. It's name is Name Mesh and I thought it could help some of us having a hard time in coming up with a domain name. It's a free tool to use, you don't need to purchase or do much about it. You even don't have to submit your registration details.On the home page, just type your relevant niche idea on the space as shown in the screenshot then click generate and you will be surprised to get
Was just going through the lessons and came across this piece of information that would be a great help to ALL of US especially the newbies.It's about the keyword research. We are privileged to have Jaaxy keyword tool with us in the WA platform which is the best as far as I know. First what is a keyword?According to Techopedia, a keyword, is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. In other words it is a statement that people search for on the search engines.For be
Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well. It has been a while since I made a post here. As a matter of fact this is my first one since the new face of WA was unveiled. When I get time from my formal job, I have been so busy building and updating my content on my websites. However, I've enjoyed the familiarization journey so far and I'd send my appreciations to both Kyle and Carson for doing this. Everything looks so fresh and nice.The new look is truly 'user friendly' and I'm finding it very exc
April 03, 2018
I have watched Jay's training on WooCommerce and it is an amazing tool especially for those who don't like to place too many affiliate links on their pages or blogs. Recently, I've heard several people mentioning about yet another good eCommerce tool "Shopify" and the more it's mentioned, the more it creates curiosity in me.I wonder if there's anyone who has used it before and has first hand information on how it works. Any training or turorials on how to use shopify? Is it really a good option
March 22, 2018
Hi Friends,Recently I started to clean my house and redo somethings I learned when I was a newbie and they didn't make sense here in WA. For example Webmaster tools seemed very complicated to me but when I took time to read it and do it time again everything became clear.Today I wanted to reset my Google Analytic code because I doubt the reports on number of visitors on my websites is not accurate at all. Interestingly, the face of Analytic seems very different and new from the one I last used.
One thing I must admit is that am one of those guys resistant to changes no matter how small they may appear. Today I read Kyle's post about the new changes that are going to take place soon or later in Wealthy Affiliate flatform, but his post also left me thinking about the issue of CHANGE and how people respond to it. I have been thinking about this: Why are people resistant to change? For those of you who might have missed this update, you can read it here: