The sun WILL come out!

Last Update: January 28, 2016

We have had some really nasty cold weather here in Thailand. First we had a couple of days of rain (which we really needed). It was a very cold rain which is unusual all by itself. I had to go out to the post office and my Thai friend took me on his motorcycle. We had to stop and get gloves as the air on our hands was like knives. But I wanted to get the letter sent so that I could pay off a tax debt (and then I discovered that the postage had more than doubled since a month ago! Bad trip!)

The rain drove the temperatures down and then we had a couple more days with no sun so the temp got down to 12 degrees celsius (54 fahrenheit). That may not sound so bad, but Thai houses are not prepared for that kind of weather. Ours has no heater and the kitchen is made so that there iare a lot of places for the air to circulate from inside to outside. We were sleeping with pants, sweatshirts and jackets on.

But finally today the sun burst through the clouds and let me tell you it was a welcome sight. Probably by tomorrow we will be back to feeling like we live in the tropics.

All of this, plus the recent death of my 19 year old cat have take a toll on my motivation for the past two days and my site health is sinking fast. So I've got to get back to publishing some more posts. I need to be like the sun and start shining forth! Mightily!

One bright spot in all of this is that I have decided to move back to Bangkok where I lived for 4 years. I've already talked with friends there and I've submitted proposals for 3 plays that I'm interested in directing for the Bangkok Community Theatre. I did a lot of work with them in the past and look forward to doing some great stuff with them again. As you can imagine the process of making three different proposals has taken a lot of time. But now that's done and I can get back to building up my business here at WA.

So thank you all for inspiring me to 'git er done' and for the sun, who always shines, even when it's up above the clouds where we don't see it.

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BBR913 Premium
Hi Micheal, the sun came out this early afternoon and am so glad it's still out of the clouds! Tomorrow should be warmer still!
Congrats on your decision to move to BKK... follow your heart!
Sorry to hear about your cat...

When will you relocate? Does that mean you longer will do ETF, well, here anyway!

My best to you!

playfulheart Premium
I'm directing a children's play at Chiang Mai Drama Centre that will be performed either in the last weekend of May or the first weekend in June. Probably go to the perfomance with my bags all packed.
JudeP Premium
So sad to hear about your cat.
Ericabried Premium
So sorry about your cat - when my dog of 14 died it took me some time to get out of the dumps. The move to Bangkok sounds really exciting. All the best.
DJ-Yogi Premium
Here comes the Sun with the Beatles:
Buddle Premium
Oh Playful, all the best to you. So sorry about your cat. Best, B