One of those days

Last Update: February 04, 2016

We all have them. Days that the best you can do is to grin and bear them.

Our water is off because they are putting in new pipes.

My site verification doesn't seem to have taken yet (I blogged yesterday that link got broken)

So still no traffic seen in google analytics.

Blogged yesterday and was active in the community, thought my rank might improve, but it went down a point.

I wrote a post yesterday to keep my publishing frequency up. As I was getting the post written the frequency dropped 10 points so when I published I only stayed where I was.

I know all of this is temporary and I just have to be at peace with it. I think I need to let WA go for the day and tend to other things. Get a fresh start tomorrow.

I am definitely going to need the upcoming training about getting past the 3 month mark! LOL.

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paulgoodwin Premium
Very strange what I did yesterday was to remove and repair in all the meta tags in the Yoast page and this morning back up to 50 views
paulmees Premium
It will all come back together. We all have one of those days. I think you did the right thing by leaving WA for the day; sometimes that is the best thing to do in order to regroup. Lots of success.
MBSWomen Premium
Hi Michael

Your water will flow soon, analytics will sort itself out, your WA rank will catch up as will your post frequency count. Never mind about tomorrow, TODAY is a beautiful day.

Kind Regards

AlexEvans Premium Plus
Some times taking a break can be the best way forward. You are making great progress Micheal.
TommyPotter Premium
Remember that famous saying: "Sometimes You Take Two Steps Back in Order to Take One Forward"