Reading the Food Labels, As you follow the Guides from a Dietitian

Last Update: October 04, 2020

Reading Food Labels


Hallo evryone, let me hope that by this time of the day as you read my post, you will pick one item that is helping thousands of people out there who go for shopping at any given time without bearing in minds that they should first read the markings on, in and under of the products an given by the manufacturers.


Over the past 40 years, the range of foods availabble in packets, Jars and cans has increased dramatically.

Legislative bodies recorgnised that consumers required more informative labels in order to make the best choices for healthy issues, which resulted in improved product labels.

Food producers in the EU community and North America are required by Judiciary to provide the following information on Product labels.

Total weight or volume, a list of the ingredients and the Additives in order of weight, the name and the address of the manufacturer and the country of the origin.

Manufacturers should also list calories values per 100g, suggested number of servings that the packaged food provides and date after which the product can not be sold or should not be eaten.

This date is usually stamped on the lid or the base of the product. Many labels also provide nutritional analysis of food, Such as total fats, carbohydrates and Protein and many content.

Finally, water is vital for life, as the principal component of body fluids it carries nutrients around the body, lubricates joints and dissolves food for digestion and absorption.

Water is contained in all the foods you consume and the tea, coffee, milk and fruits you drink, but you should also drink plenty of plain pure water each day.

Have a great and Wonderful day.

By, PK.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Good information and an important reminder, PK! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

Pkizito1 Premium
Well, my friend Jeff,
I hope that you always take a few second to read on the labels before you put the item in the shopping basket.
analynsuller Premium
Yes, it is really vital for everybody to have the nutritional facts or label to know if they are reliable to eat and its nutrition.
Pkizito1 Premium
True that,
I myself I have been doing the same just collecting items into the shopping basket without checking labels.
But when I was on tweeter and I red a post saying "How often do you read consumable products' labels?
I was opened my eyes to wake up and I decided to write this Post.
Share it with a friend and let this be exposed to the entire post,
analynsuller Premium
Okay. I will
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing
Pkizito1 Premium
Hello Lisa,
Thanks for all your support all the time am so grateful,
May God reward you my frined
Let me hope that you have enjoyed my simple short post,
LMH1968 Premium Plus
You are very welcome my friend
Dfhuang Premium
I actually prefer the Europe’s food standard because of all the extra additives in US . I would love to see where you go next with this. Thank you for sharing.
Pkizito1 Premium
You should know that, for your herbal meal components to go into the European market, the EU legally calls for you to fulfill its CLP Regulation.

Non-compliance will bring about the components of your herbal meals now no longer being allowed to go into the European market.

Thanks again for your comment.