Content Marketing Strategy and SEO That is Timeless

Last Update: August 18, 2015

First of all, let me reiterate what you already know from your Wealthy Affiliate training.....

Engaging Unique content relevant to your chosen niche is KING!

There is no substitute. There is no short-cut if you want a professional website that is going to stand the test of time and bring the traffic. My favorite little quip:

"Build it and they will come"

Many folks new to WA ask, "How long does it take to get some (targeted) website traffic to my new website?"

Again, this depends on you, your research and your writing. I have talked (chatted) with several successful WA business owners and picked their minds for the best techniques and searched for the common success traits that each of them are utilizing.....

Content and SEO are the keys (once you get your preliminary techniques for site-building learned.)

Before I go on, let me also mention another tidbit of information. I never consider my website "done". For me, it's always a work "in progress". Why, you might ask? Well, not only does the content need to be refreshed consistently, but website design and your media need to be refreshed every so often. I have about a dozen websites, but by the time I'm finished refreshing the layout and design on the first, the last one is in dire need. Additionally, one of the best bits of advice I received was to post a blog note or add a page to each site daily. Write, write and write some more.

Okay, back to the topic....

Content Marketing and SEO

As I mentioned, subsequent to niche selection and on-page SEO techniques (where we could spend hours discussing) there is Off-page SEO and your content marketing strategies.

First, let's discuss Content marketing....

Your keyword research is paramount. The catalyst for how your content will be fleshed out and perhaps in what order. In our training, we are taught how to find traffic-driving keywords for our main page, title and website URL. Hopefully, we'll find some low-competition, high-traffic keywords that fit all three - main page, title of website and URL. Nope, not always an easy task.

Next, we look for the LSI Keywords - Latent Semantic Indexing

Don't get too wrapped around how this term sounds - basically it's just a bunch of words or phrases that are used like synonyms for your main keywords. But, if you learn to build pages & posts with LSI keywords AFTER you have built some primary real estate with your main keywords, these LSI pages/posts will help solidify the first.

If you Google your main keywords, you'll notice at the bottom of the page are Google's suggestions for "Searches related to" (insert what you just searched for) - These are quick LSI suggestions....

This is one way to help build your Content Marketing Strategy.

In a nut shell.....

Write your main page or post about your main keywords.

  • Write at least one page or post on your LSI
  • Thereby, you should have about 10 pages to start you off right there.

Then, you can take each LSI and Google that and you'll get 8 more possible writing topics PER LSI. That's what? 65 pages total after you're done? That's a solid beginning for an authority website in your niches.

Okay, so.... the last note and reiteration on Content marketing.....

Write "Engaging Unique" content.

I know, I know. I repeat those words time and time again. But, they deserve emphasis. With the Google algorithm changes, the number 1 search engine just gets smarter and smarter. Gone are the days of writing weak content and expecting huge rises in traffic.

Learn to write content that is powerful and worthy of other websites linking to your stuff as a "resource". And, gone are the days of writing short "copy". I aim for 1500 to 2000 words these days (for pages, really, not posts).

Here are FIVE major tips to ensure your content is solid for your readers and for SEO:

  1. Target one keyword per page - don't waste time trying to write for more than one keyword - you'll spin your wheels and not get anything accomplished.
  2. Include the keyword in your copy. - Google is good about determining what a page is about.
  3. Use the exact term. - Don't mix up your keywords and think Google will rank it. Use it exactly how you found it when doing your keyword research.
  4. Optimize, but don’t overdo it. - don't keyword "stuff" an article. Google will sense that and devalue your page/post quickly.
  5. Establish a minimum page length - longer copy these days.

Tips for getting the most out of each page of your stellar content.

As I mentioned before, write stellar content, full of mixed media, lists, step-by-step explanations and more. Research what your competitors are doing and take the best of each one and build content that has all the elements. Blow them out of the water with something no one else has.

Now, that being said.... Give it to your readers in nicely delivered bite-sized chunks that is easy to read, laid out in an easy-to-follow manner and engages your readers.

Ask questions, use video, charts, diagrams, downloadable "Whitepapers", perhaps even a free ebook (with YOUR links embedded). Do surveys, setup an email autoresponder, write a Q&A section for your niche, learn how to add an audio track (or even begin podcasting - an entirely new ballgame).

Plan your content out for scalability, sections and then subsections. Google loves this as the subsections will support your main sections. And, don't forget to do your internal linking. Cross-link your posts. Link keywords in your posts to your static pages. This is how Wikipedia became the defacto giant of online encyclopedias.

The last tip for the day is this.....

Get your website known - off-page SEO - Socialize it, market it in the top five or six niche directories, issue a Press Release, etc.

But, don't neglect your inner-pages and other stellar high-end posts that you feel are worthy. Many beginners don't think about getting their inner pages backlinks. Again, this is what the major search engines take note of - not only links to your main URL, but links to inner content that supports your main page - we call these "deep" links.

Well, as you can see, keywords, content marketing and SEO all come into play and create a synergistic powerful traffic pulling professional website. I know it sounds like a lot to bite into and truly it is. But, as my dad taught me, "P.j. it's this kinda work that separates the men from the boys". (no offense, ladies)

I hope this writing has prompted some thought, given you some ideas or helped reinforce your WA training. If so, my goal has been accomplished.

"Build it and they will come!"



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CVork Premium
Thanks for the blog. This solidifies some things I am doings already and gives me more things to work on to make my site the best it can be.
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Awesome, Calvin! You're on the right track!
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Peej. I don wanna compliment your work here.more than a thousand words here and I can feel your blood in it.Hot blood I mean.The giving bACK mentality. Thanks for the Lsl stuff.sorry but got to say you are such an awesome badass.

Buddy I will keep this training in my heart.bookmarked in my soul
Best of the best!jeff here wiith much respects fot you.
PjGermain Premium
Wow, thanks VERY much, Jeff!
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Peej.Good effort.I admired. Take care bro.
Markenneth Premium
Yes very thought provoking. Still makes me nervous and think "Can I do this?" But you never know if you never go is my philosophy. So, here I go!!
PjGermain Premium
You can do it Mark. The only difference between you and me is time :-)
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Great post, friend. That's it, "Build it and they'll come!". Thanks!
PjGermain Premium
Thanks much, Diego!
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Hi Pj,
That's pretty impressive. Thanks, Dick
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Thank you sir! :-)