Whatever it Takes!

Last Update: April 25, 2018

Whatever it takes baby!!!

Last week was interesting to say the least! The plan: Fly to Cali, meet some product sources and come home.

Never give up!

Monday and Tuesday were busy days at work. Grinding hard so that I did not leave much for when I returned. This was the easy part of the week.

On Tuesday, I arrived early to the airport. Flight left at 5pm and I arrived at 11am. This was great until we were notified that the flight was delayed until 10:30 pm. The airlines offered dinner vouchers. Around 9:30 pm we were notified that our flight was canceled. We were offered $400 flight vouchers. New flight scheduled for 6:00 am on Wednesday. Thanks to the internet I was able to get some WA work done throughout the day.

Take Action!

I quickly informed my wife that I would be back home that night. Updated Lyft credit card on file and requested a ride home. On the ride home I logged onto a scheduled Zoom meeting and managed to take notes. Another win for technology. The lyft driver inquired about my meeting and I made a great connection.

Take Two!

New day, new adventure. Plane boarded and off we go. Here we come Ontario California! As soon as we landed, I told myself I should have checked the weather. No one told a Texan man that Californians also wore jackets. Called the hotel and they still had my room and they said they would send a shuttle. Not bad considering that I was standing in the cold drizzling weather in a short sleeve shirt.

The Day Before the Main Event

On Thursday, I managed to make a vegan breakfast out of a non-vegan continental breakfast. I had 8, "yes 8" meetings online and again managed to work on some WA training and engagements. I even forgot to have lunch. Dinner was great and I created some FB ads before hitting the sack.

The Main Event

On Friday our group met with top-level executives of a drop ship company and a company that simplifies China and USA product sourcing. We learned a lot and more amazing connections were made.

Whatever it takes!

After dinner, it was off to the airport. My flight took off at 1:55 am (yes am)! But the real problem was that I wasn't flying home, I was flying to my next event. I flew to Dallas TX to my yearly MLM company event. I landed at 5:30 am and was at the venue by 7:00 am. After a quick breakfast meal, I was one of the first ones in line and grabbed a seat near the front. Yes, yes, more connections and great value!

Work hard, Play hard!

I cut out of the event after lunch. I called my wife for a ride and we drove to a lake house where her friends were waiting. She had spent the night there and even brought our four legged little buddy with her. That evening was spent with friends. Sunday we visited a local winery.

Lessons Learned

On this trip, I learned many things. I learned that working hard and utilizing technology can help you accomplish many things. I also learned that everything does not always go as planned. I learned to be grateful for friends and family that help you get things done and help you unwind. Finally, I also learned that even though things may be going wrong for you, there is always someone else that is going to things that are just as hard. One of my friends that met us at the lake house had car trouble and had to leave her car at a local dealership. The estimate for her car issues was right around $2600 and she had to figure out how she would get back home and move about while her car was repaired. Finally, she had to go get her car at the town we were it was being repaired.

Chase your dreams!!! We all have the skills, help, knowledge, desires and WA is here to help. Let's do this!!


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A good post. Keep on following your dream. It will pay off.
All the best.
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We just have to keep on keeping on!!! Make the best of our situation!!!

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Thanks for the motivation!!
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Keep on,keep on!