Update on Crazy Weekend

Last Update: March 29, 2018

A Crazy Weekend It Was!!!

Last Saturday my wife and I participated in a Spartan Sprint. This was my wife's first Spartan sprint so she was nervous. I have never seen her so geared up and she looked tough! I am so proud of her for joining me in this fun event. To add more pressure we had a plan to catch right after the race!!! Just like WA training, we tried our best!!!

Had to finish quick

We had to finish quick to catch our plane. We asked the starting line attendant if we could start with the earlier group? She said sure, give me thirty bur burpees!!! Ahhh, that's like writing 30 WA blog posts in one day!!! We did the bur pees and were allowed to start early. And then it hit her...

Jump the wall

To even get to the starting line, we are required to jump a wall. My wife looked at me and said one word, "Really?". The fun began. I helped her over the wall and then jumped over it to join in the fun. After a few group screams and chants we were on our way. Bring on the obstacles.

Obstacle after Obstacle

Over another wall, thru a hole, don't lose your shoe in the mud, cross the muddy creek and then the dreaded barbwire: It seemed like the event would never end. We took some pics and videos along the way. I have never seen my wife so muddy. We helped each other over some obstacles and helped other participants as well. It reminded me of the community here on WA and how we all help each other. I was having a blast and forgot about our plane! Wait don't forget about the plane!! The Plane!!!!

Can't miss the plane

Our plane was scheduled to take off around 5:05. Ideally, we had to finish the sprint no later than noon. We finished around 1:30 pm. Run to the showers! Change in record time. No, don't eat. Eat at the airport. Go Go! I thought the race was over!!! We made it to the airport at 4pm. The flight was delayed until 5:45pm. Luck was on our side.

This reminds me of how we set goals on WA and try our best to meet them.

Vacation started

All situated on the plane and hoping we did not cramp, we were on our way to Virginia. This is our first time here. Lots of new things to learn. It is very similar to the many things to learn on WA. We have been here all week and will post about it later on Saturday.

Finish the week strong everyone!!!

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DebbieRose Premium
Wow...quite an accomplishment. Congratulations. It foes feel good to do what we set out to do. Enjoy your vacation.
linda956 Premium
Sounds like you had a great time, awesome!
manne13666 Premium
That sounds crazy, but I'm sure both you and your wife had a blast! Good luck on your vacation!
MKearns Premium
Setting sprints is a great thing to concentrate on
buffetearns Premium
Excellent weekend with the not so uncommon dash for the flight! It's nice when even the flight delay is on your side! Lol!

Thank you