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Last Update: April 11, 2016

Through the wonderful training here at Wealthy Affiliate, we know that once we have created a blog or a webpage, we are only part way there. We just created some great content but what is the point if we don't let the world know it is there? As well as creating blogs or pages, we've been taught that creating a presence on social media in our niche market is a very big part of our online business. Everything we write we should promote through our social media channels to gain the biggest impact. But when to post on social media is a question that needs consideration.

Like any business, it pays to know your customers. Your customers are the ones that come to your site and read your content. They are the ones you are creating your content for so it is logical that you try and put your new content out there in such a way that they will quickly see it.

One of the factors I find important is timing. We all know that if you post something on virtually any social media that it will stay visible for a while and then slowly get pushed down as new things come along. If you post too early your customers might miss your post by the time they come online.

So it pays to know where your customers are. Yes you will get hits from all round the world to your website, but usually you will find that certain regions feature more highly than others.

For instance here is day snap shot of my website.

As my site is in English, I find that most of my customers visit me from North America and Europe. As I am in Australia I get most of my hits in the middle of my night. If I just went ahead and posted in my normal waking hours, as I said before my post would have all but disappeared by the time my customers came online.

There are several ways to remedy this using various tools available out there that will post to all your social media channels for you. I am not here to talk about them, but you can check out the likes of Hoot Suite, Scoot.it etc.

Let's look how we can do it simply in Facebook.

When we have added our URL, hashtags and comment line to the post screen in Facebook, the next obvious thing to do is publish.

Wait up a minute, we want to publish this later tonight when we know our audience is around.

Instead of pressing the publish button, click on the down arrow on the right of the button.

The first option, Schedule, is what we are after. Click on that.

In the top portion we can now select the time and date that you want to publish this post to your niche page. The time is your own local time, you can see here mine is confirmed at being 10 hours ahead of UTC or GMT.

Once done hit schedule and it will show on your news feed as one scheduled publication.

At the given time the post will be published while you are tucked up in bed.

Too easy!

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ikaffiliate Premium
excellent, just need to get some traffic to my facebook and that will come in handy :)
Pisquali Premium
It will come, just keep posting.
Brooklyn2008 Premium
Thanks great info. Thanks!!
RachC Premium
Awesome!! Thanks!
Pisquali Premium
You're welcome, hope it helps.
EbonyChief Premium
Great information. Thank you very much
Pisquali Premium
My pleasure
clue Premium
Wow! Thanks for this great tip. Now I dont have to wake up so freaking early in the morning. I seriously never knew this. Thanks so much.

Pisquali Premium
Glad it helped. Sometimes the best tools are right under our nose.