Covid-19 is behind the door!

Last Update: March 10, 2020

Hi everyone, COVID-19 has arrived, it's behind the door. I'm writing from Parma. We have been living with the virus for three weeks now, in recent days I confess that I have never felt it so close and dangerous.

The time has come to fight against this invisible enemy. From today the whole country is ISOLATED, the essential internal services are still guaranteed, but I am sure that if the infection does not stop or slow down in the next 2 weeks, in the next few days we will stop everything. We do not move from home, only strictly necessary trips are allowed, to go to the supermarket or pharmacy or to work for those who cannot do it from home.

Hospitals are collapsing from the exponential increase in daily hospitalizations. So the goal is not to get sick. It looks like a horror movie, but unfortunately it isn't.

The rules for avoiding infection are simple:

  • wash your hands often,
  • do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth,
  • cough and sneeze inside your elbow,
  • keep a distance from other people of more than one meter,
  • avoid hugs and handshakes.
  • avoid crowded places

How long? no one knows !!!!! I look to the future with confidence and optimism.

This is the time to be more focused and committed and devote energy to plan for rebirth at the end of these terrible times.

My thoughts goes to all the doctors and nurses who work constantly to ensure our health, and to them I extend my heartfelt thanks and prayers. What we can do to help them in this war is to do everything necessary to feel good, so even if this scourge has not yet come, try to prevent it and also adopt these simple rules of behaviors.

At the moment, it seems that the only way to defeat this virus is to responsibly avoid contact with other people. You are probably thinking that it is not possible.

Well, until a few weeks ago I didn't think it could get to Parma and instead it's here I'm talking about it and it's real.

So what can you do all the time at home?

The first thing is to maintain an optimistic attitude because sooner or later it will end.

Take the opportunity to forget bad habits and create new ones in addition to those already recommended.

Take back your time and do things that give you joy and satisfaction, take care of yourself and your family.

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balilux Premium
Ciao Piergiorgio - ti capisco ezattamente! And I really feel for you. Sadly our tiny Island has become infected because of visitors from the North of Italy who brought it down with them. I am in Bali and my trip back next week was through Rome. My flight just got cancelled and in this case getting a refund has only left me scrambling to see how best to arrive in Malta (unless all borders are closed there as well - and in which case I am stuck in Indonesia)... oh well life... its a modern day pestilenza - andiamo a vedere cosa capitera nei prossimi. Saluti

Piergiorgio Premium
Hi Mariella, thank you I hope you can go home soon but in the meantime find a safe place and enjoy beautiful Indonesia until the moment passes.

Stanleycmng Premium
Stay calm and healthy. Take all the precaution. You can work from home. You can also go out, just avoid crowded areas.

Of course, the lock down is to avoid the spread of the virus. The risk with this virus is not the fatality rate but it’s infection rate. If many are infected, then it puts a strain in the healthcare system and the ability to control it becomes more difficult and the hospitals can not cope and break down. It will lead to many other issues which would cause fatality.

In any case, prevention is better than cure.
Piergiorgio Premium
Thank you Stanley!
Dave07 Premium
Take sensible cautions and avoid panic is the best way to get through this. For most people it will only be a mild infection.
Piergiorgio Premium
Hi Dave, yes I agree with you but the virus becomes dangerous for those who have immune deficiencies due to other diseases or are elderly with very low immune defenses. Precautions must be taken to avoid infecting others and another dangerous factor are asymptomatic people who are unconscious carriers of the disease.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Wow, Piergiorgio!

My heart goes out.
Please keep as safe as you can.

Piergiorgio Premium
Thank you Cassie
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are welcome.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
You are welcome and thank you! Yes please do take care, the ventilator unit is a scary place I have worked on charge there. The suction and beeping sounds still echo in my heart with prayers