My First Ever Online Commission

Last Update: June 30, 2015

Hi Guys

Its being four long months before receiving my first ever commission.And your guess is right I am super excited. Literally jumping all over the place .

But I am not excited because of the commission I received, I am excited because of what the future holds for my online business.

I never thought this could be possible. I never thought i could build a successful internet marketing business.

And I never thought Wealthy Affiliate will have what it takes to turn my dream of been an internet marketer into a reality.

Last night i received a mail from my affiliate program telling me I had received a commission for a sale I made. i was surprised. So I went straight into my affiliate account to confirm if this was true. To my surprise,it was true.

Now, this sale came directly from someone who went online searched from google regarding am sure my keyword,happen to go to my site and finally making a purchase without me ever getting in contact with the person.

This is awesome.

This has given me hope to know that truly the sky is the limit now.And my journey to financial independence through internet marketing has just began

Guys, i will like you to know this....Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

What they teach us here is genuie and accurate.

Once you follow the trainings and do as you are told...You will start to see results like what I have.

It started as a dream the journey to financial freedom through online marketing and finally this dream is becoming a reality.

Follow the trainings in here and you will be successful

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myrealityck Premium
phydel Premium
@myrealityck thanks
Damo1966 Premium
Congratulations, that is excellent news.
phydel Premium
@Damo1966 thanks bro
donna456 Premium
Well done and congratulations!! This gives me inspiration to keep working on my website. All the best for your future journey.
phydel Premium
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ClydeB Premium
Congratulations Phydel! savor the moment! the best is yet to come!
phydel Premium
@ClydeB thanks bro
mchambers Premium
Nice! One of many more to come I am sure. Congratulations :)
phydel Premium
@mchambers thanks