Working on two sites simultaneously!

Last Update: May 09, 2017

After I reached course 2 in creating my traveling guide website, I realised how long it is going to take before I started to break even with my expenses (WA and domain). So I decided to start working on a Bootcamp website too.

Many may think that this is not wise and you are probably right. But I decided to take things step by step and to work on both sites course by course.

Which means that when I complete course 1 in the Bootcamp, I continue to course 3 in my chosen niche and come back to the bootcamp. Starting this kind of double work, I learned several lessons:

  • Write down everyrhing you learn here even if you are working on one site only. (You will need it later, believe me.)
  • Why the rush? It's still going to take a while before I break even. (It's not that expensive anyways.)
  • Don't worry about the work being too much, a lot of tasks are very similar. (At least till now.)

Hope this is helpful to those who are extra ambitious.


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MKearns Premium
If you feel you must do it be aware it is difficult to optimize both at once. Go at it piecemeal and learn as you do!
Philipp-Rina Premium
I Will. Thank you.
adaba063 Premium
"Many may think that this is not wise and you are probably right."

you may want to consider my story all the best,
Philipp-Rina Premium
Very true, everyone has his own way to learn skills. But some experiences have to be made the long way round ;)