Not all of our promo efforts have to be online.

Last Update: February 11, 2015

Just the other day I went out on a bit of "jolly" visiting news agents asking if I could put my business cards in their shop window, some charged me a small fee but most of them allowed me to display my card in their window for no charge.

It felt great being able to leave technology at home, jump in the car with my business cards and go advertise the "old school" way! I'm not entirely sure how successful this campaign is going to be though. However, successful or not; my point here is that advertising comes in many forms and that we can (believe or not) step away from our "laptop lifestyles" to execute some real localised marketing :)


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Caraid Premium
Good on ya Pete

Advertising at no cost and a bit of fresh air what have you got to lose.
One person could read it place a comment on facebook and then ......

Depending on your Niche, could also see if any local groups. E.g. Into Baby Wear etc. Local Mother and Toddlers group, Nursery Schools, Kindergardens etc.
floridajf Premium
Smart thing to do Peter. While conventional methods aren't really as successful as the online methods that we use today, you never know what can happen. It's definitely another great way to advertise your business. Glad to see that you are going the extra mile for your success here at WA :)