Valentine's Day.... Is it Over Rated?

Last Update: February 14, 2014

This is not really relevant to my goals here at WA. I've had a writing block lately and I just can't seem to snap out of it. I figured since it is Valentin's Day I could write something about it with no pressure of creating quality content for my website. Maybe this exercise will help me get my groove back

I'll start with wishing all of the WA community a warm and happy Valentine's Day. What is Valentine's day really mean? I did a little research into the history of this Day of the Lovers. I found that there are many versions of where and how it all originated. From Islam, to Hinduism, to Christianity, and Greek Mythology, they all have their own stories.

In more modern times Valentine's Day has become so commercialized and somewhat of a hypocrisy. Economically it has it's upside. The chocolate and Valentine card industries, as well as the Jewelry industry are on steroids this time of year. It obviously has a significant impact, as it stimulates our local and national economies, and that's a good thing.

The hypocrisy comes into play when I hear about how people, (mostly men) feel this tremendous amount of pressure that they have to do something special for their significant other. It's so funny to me. I have a friend that can't stand his wife and she can't stand him, but every year he goes out and buys her flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. They're miserable and I'm friends with both of them. I ask them why they don't just call it quits and go their own way. Because of their religious beliefs that will never happen. Not only does this pressure come from their wives, girlfriends, or whoever, but our society has created this stigma as well.

Is there a dark side to everything? I don't believe that. Is Valentine's Day over rated? Yes and No. For me, I love the girl I'm with and I'll buy her flowers and chocolate ( witch I'll end up eating most of anyway) and I'll make her a card from scratch. I feel no pressure at all because I want to do it. I want her to know how much I appreciate and care about her. I love seeing her expression of surprise every time. And guess what, I'll do it again next week because everyday is Valentine's day for me.

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mraz24 Premium
Lucky you! Love is love regardless. Right now I think I'm in a long term relationship with my laptop. I get my affection in the form of x's and o's lol. Almost every relationship I've been involved in in the past, on Valentines day they have not been present/in love with someone else, so why bother! lol The only person worth giving your all to is yourself!
yancbren Premium
I think like you very day should be Valentine's day, if you love someone shouldn't you show it everyday? I think yes
lane2000 Premium
You are right and it doesnt really stop with V Day. I notice a lot of hypocrosy with several of the holidays. I grew up NOT celebrating any holidays or birthdays because of my parents religious beliefs (as an adult I celebrate them though) and sometimes I get a little overwhemed by the expectations placed on one individual day. Most of the time, they are things that we should be trying to do better at EVERDAY anyway.
Gordi Premium
It's true Carrie. All holidays have been so commercialized, we lost the sight of what they should be about.
Gordi Premium
We hear constant talk about what a MAN is supposed to do, but I think this should be a two-way celebration. Shouldn't a woman show her love for her man in the same way?
Happy Valentines all
Shawn Martin Premium
I would say the block has been lifted. :)